Office 2010

In M$ website, there are separate downloads for home and developer. Is there any difference?

I am downloading the developer version now.

Note: BTW, I opened Outlook 2010 in my desktop and the appearance rocks!!! Kudos to M$!!!

^^ Nevermind.
Finally, I tasted the real SUCCESS!!!!
Thnx one and all and special mention to drew and rak.
After getting impressed about the look of outlook, got into a resolution today, @ any cost I should install 2010 in my lappy.

Special mention to drew, for persisting on the same logic in each and every reply that he did do an upgrade without removing any additional files.

This time, cleared the temp, removed one of the left vc++ redistributable and started the install. Failed!!!
Opened the log and analyzed line by line, curious to see what was the first error.
The first error was in parsing the OSE.exe situated in ms shared folder. So, went to the exe, right click properties, security, added my user account and gave full control. I did this, cos I am a domain user.
Once done, something ran in mind about the registry permission. So, disabled the following,
1. MS Firewall
2. MSSE Real time protection
3. Malwarebytes

Ran the installer, this time the install took a longer time. So, the steps I have taken are positive :)
My happiness was shortlived, the status bar did a reverse. Same error.

Went to the log and this time, OSE parsing was success. Checked the other error. This time an error message 1603 caught my eyes wherever the installer started installing the .msi files.

Contacted Google my friend and in some places this issue was mentioned for the previous 2007 version. One forum did say that to start the windows installer from the services.msc. Did so.

Now concentrated on the error alone which redirected me to MS site. Which said, this issue arises if the drive I am installing doesnt provide permission to the account called SYSTEM.

Something striked my mind and I recalled once, I did change the permission haywire for replacing the default start menu orb in Win 7. Matched this with MS website and followed the steps. Unfortunately, when I checked the security tab in my C drive, SYSTEM was given full control.

Popular saying, never give up!!! Removed the SYSTEM account (Windows cautioned me, but I ignored, I want 2010)
Added the SYSTEM account and now thanks to MS site, where they have insisted to select a check box. Did so, took some 10 minutes to do its job (during this got many alerts and warning like access denied on some files et all). Once done, rebooted my lappy.

Once again, cleared the temp and ran the installer.

Bingo!!!!! 2010 finally born in my Lappy. OMG!!!!

Opened my pst folders and all files are intact. Opened up Outlook, it automatically configured the accounts and migrated the profile. It also detected that my Hotmail account is configured and offered me to download and install the outlook connector for 2010 (Beta) Did so and all went fine, smooth and silky.

Activated my copy of Beta by going into office controller and all set now.

Thanks once again to all.

Note: Sorry for this looong post!!! :)

Thts the secret of my success. Never give up on something which is your line of work or field.
Now, I have tasted success, let me post my difficulty. As of now, the only issue is with my hotmail account. All the connector settings are perfect, but not able to receive thru it.
I get a strange error,
Task hotmail reported error (0x8004102A) : "Error with send/receive"

Sending tastes success.
Googled and nothing relevant. Any clues?

@Drew, couldnt find what I needed!!!

^^ nevermind. Success once again!!!
Reinstallation of outlook connector fixed the error. Now all set and fine.


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Office 2010 to ship in June 2010
Written by Fuad Abazovic Friday, 27 November 2009 12:03

Microsoft goes on record

A Sharp eye of a beta tester has spotted that Office 2010 might come out from beta in June 2010. At this time this is a beta product and you can toy around with it, but the official launch is June 2010.

According to Office beta website „The final version (of Office 2010) will be available to the public for purchase in June 2010“

They don’t even use conditional in case something might go wrong, and they sound quite solid that they can ship this product in June 2010. If you are one of the people who would like to buy it this is good news for you and Office 2010 is expected to have three versions Office Starter 2010, Office Home and Student 2010 as well as Office Home and Business 2010.

Office Starter 2010 comes with Word and Excel both with limited features, Office Home and Student 2010 comes with full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note, but lacks Outlook, while Office Home and Business 2010 has all these applications and Outlook.


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read the news in another forum..anyways thnx for the info!!

yeah the office 2010 is really nice I was really impressed How ever I did have some problems with outlook but reseting my accounts fixed it and I also got unresponding Access every once in a while

Visio 2010....

I use Visio for several different applications...both managerial and technical. I was happy to see MS trying to update Visio but saddened by the beta version. Seems to be they just repackaged Visio 2007 with the Office 2007 Ribbon. Trying to make detailed drawing has been made very difficult with a buried page zoom function. And you would think the geniuses in redmond could figure out how to go into 3-d by now. This is very sad.


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Microsoft Office 2010 beta reaches 1M downloads
Written by Jon Worrel Friday, 04 December 2009 08:10

In just two weeks

Officials at Microsoft have recently confirmed that Office 2010 beta reached a milestone of 1 million downloads in just two weeks since its original announcement at the annual Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles late last month. During the conference, several features of the new software package were demonstrated live on stage, including Office Web Applications and the popular social networking integration functions of Outlook 2010.

The achievement has been celebrated by company officials all week and is viewed as a milestone in the consumer adoption rates of the Microsoft Office platform. Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division, stated he was "very proud" of the download achievement in a message posted to his Twitter page.

Back in March, we wrote that the Microsoft Office software development team scheduled plans to release the first closed and non-public beta in July 2009 (Community Technical Preview) followed by the broadly available public beta release in November 2009 and finally a Release To Manufacturers (RTM) in March 2010. Earlier this week, company officials confirmed that the final retail release will be made available in June 2010, just three months after the RTM is available to manufacturers, TechNet subscribers and MSDN subscribers.

In particular, Microsoft Office 2010 will be released in six different variations. These include Starter, Home and Student, Home and Business, Standard, Professional and Professional Plus. As a result of this information, it is safe to assume that the Professional Plus public beta released two weeks ago includes the full-feature functionality that is to be expected with the 2010 edition of the software.

As a side note, we suggest that those prospective users considering a download of Office Professional 2010 Beta or Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta to use the 32-bit package, as this is the one that Microsoft's development team suggests installing due to its broader compatibility with Office add-ons, enhanced stability, and better performance. We have tested both 32-bit and 64-bit packages and can confirm that the 64-bit applications take much longer to close and fall victim to several stability issues. However, we can be confident that the stability and performance variations should be addressed with the RTM release in three months.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Beta and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta can be downloaded here.

Microsoft Word 2010 beta 14.0.4536.1000 32-bit:

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Hi Kevin,

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums :)

Take a look @ this, you may find it a bit exciting/encouraging.


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Hi drew, that is what I was talking about. From an engineering perspective, it hasn't matured much at all. And the zoom needs to displayed predominately on the main ribbon. This is a must for any kind of detailed drawings or charts.

I'm testing it on Windows 7 and it is very cool, but sometimes slow(outlook 2010).


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Microsoft rethinks, reveals prices for its Office 2010 SKU line-up

Microsoft is adding one new version to its line-up for Office 2010, a “Professional Academic” SKU that includes Outlook, as rumored late last year.

The company also is sharing its planned retail pricing for the suite.

Microsoft unveiled on January 5 its latest iteration of its Office 2010 line-up. The now-four retail SKUs include:

A new Office Professional Academic version. It will be sold through retailers and campus bookstores. This SKU is for “qualified students and educators.” It will include Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, Publisher 2010, Access 2010, and Office Web Apps (the free, consumer-focused version of Microsoft’s Webified version of four of its Office apps). Pricing $99

Office Home and Student. It will include Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010 and Office Web Apps. This version can be run as a Family Pack style, with usage allowed on three PCs in one house. Pricing is $149 (boxed) or $119 (product key card).

Office Home and Business. This version is for small businesses or those who work at home, according to the Softies. It includes Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010 and Office Web Apps. It costs $279 (boxed) or $199 if purchased using a Product Key Card.

Office Professional. It comes with Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, PUblisher 2010, Access 2010, Office Web Apps and premium technical support. It will sell for $499 (boxed), or $349 (Product Key Card).

As my blogging colleague Zack Whittaker noted in December, based on some leaked box shots of Office 2010, the addition of Outlook to the new Professional Academic version should be a welcome one for students. The current Office Home and Student wasn’t really geared toward university students, Whittaker argued.

There are two other Office 2010 SKUs not mentioned in today’s line-up that Microsoft officials discussed last summer – the Professional Plus and Standard SKUs. The SKUs and pricing in today’s announcement seem to include only those products available at retail and not those also available to volume licensees, but I’ve asked Microsoft to be sure that the company is still planning to roll out these other two SKUs.

Update: Yes, the other two SKUs (Pro Plus and Standard) seem to still be on the docket. And there’s also “Office Starter 2010 Edition,” which is the replacement for Microsoft Works, and an OEM-only SKU, still in the wings, as well…. So I guess that means we’re technically at seven SKUs, just one short of the eight that Microsoft offered when it introduced Office 2007.


Hey guys,

I was wondering. What's the difference between the current Beta available now in MicroSoft's site and the Technical Preview?

I have the beta running on a test machine. I like the new outlook, it has separate in boxes for each e-mail account instead of all the e-mail accounts coming into one single in box as it currently is in 2007

There is not a Dutch version of the beta, so I wait until June ^^


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Reminder: The Office 2010 Technical Beta program will shutdown on April 30th!

Microsoft is gearing up to shut down the testing program that helped build the next iteration of the Office System. In this regard, the company has sent email to testers notifying “Thank you for participating in the Technical Beta program for Microsoft Office 2010. Your feedback and suggestions have helped make this our best release of Office and SharePoint! As we approach the end of this beta, we want to let you know that our Office 2010 Technical Beta program on Connect will close on Friday, April 30th. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the Technical Beta program,” an excerpt from the email sent to testers reads. “On behalf of all the Microsoft Office 2010 product teams, we would like to say ‘Thank You’ for participating in the beta, and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Sincerely, Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Beta Program Team,” the email further adds.

The public beta program of Office 2010 will end in October.
The final version of Office 2010 will be available to the public beginning June.


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Microsoft has announced that Office 2010 has been Released to Manufacturing (RTM). MSDN and Technet subscribers will be able to access the RTM version of Office 2010 on 22 April, followed by Volume License customers with Software Assurance on 27 April, Business customers on 12 May, and then the general public sometime in June 2010.


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Microsoft Office 2010 Released to TechNet

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus has been released to TechNet and the retail bits have been released to manufacturers.

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