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I don't seem to be able to install Office 2000 on windows 8. Am I doing something wrong, or will Windows 8 not support this version? Thanks for any help given


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As far as I know, Win 8 does NOT support Office 2000.

Some claimed that you may be able to use Office Word 2000 in Compatibility Mode.
I cannot confirm that personally.


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It is listed as incompatible.

If your budget is low, why don't you try Libre Office. It is almost identical to MsOffice AND FREE!


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One of the open source office suites should work for you but just for kicks I just installed Office 2000 on a machine running Win 8 Pro using compatibility mode for Win XP (right-click on setup.exe, Properties, Compatibility, Select Compatibility Mode for Win XP SP3). I also ran the installer as Admin.

I didn't do extensive testing and I only tried Word, Excel and Power Point but all three opened up fine and things seemed to work OK. I could do things like create a new file, save it to disk, re-open the file, access files on my network, spell check, change formatting, copy/paste, print, open the VB editor in Excel, etc...

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Libre office is the best free office suite out there and runs just fine on windows 8 office 2000 is no longer supported by microsoft so why would you want to run am unsafe software anyway, besides even if you get it to load it will have issues

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