Ok, you can make a system image in Windows 8.


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I have our friends computer all set up and ready to go.
One of the things that came about during this process is, I learned that you can make a real disk image in Windows 8 without using a third party software program.

Something I didn't think was possible, and you don't have to jump through hoops to do it.

As "Badrobot", pointed out to me.

There is a utility in the Windows Control Panel named Windows 7 File Recovery, (the strange name is probably why I never figure out what it does) It is really the Disk Image utility from Windows 7 and will make a Disk Image of the C:\ drive on your Windows 8 computer, and has nothing to do with recovering Windows 7 files, as far as I can see.

Why they didn't include this option in Windows 8 Recovery is a mystery.

Anyway the utility is really easy to use, makes a backup very quickly, and also creates a Windows Boot disk that will take you to the recovery interface if your computer won't boot or go to the Recovery Screen.

I haven't actually checked but it says that the option to restore you computer from a Disk Image will now, be available when you open the System Restore Windows along with the Refresh, and Restore options.


On the laptop I'm setting up, I created a new partition just big enough to hold the image and placed it there.
On my computer I placed it on a different physical drive so that it will work even if my hard drive dies.

So I have to admit that I complained about Windows 8 not having this capability in error, but I still say that it's Microsoft's fault for hiding it in a location that I never expected to find it, under a name that makes no sense at all.

As long as I'm complaining again, I want to ask, "Why can't you type in "Disk Manager" in the search on the Metro screen and find "Disk Manager".

Half of the problem with Windows 8 is that they changed the name on things that have been the same for years.

Anyway both computers now have Windows 8 generated Disk Images and I feel better. LOL

I still have my third party image as well. BSTS


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Thanks for the update Mike.

In case you didn't know yet, you can also do the same for Windows 7. To create a Win 7 recovery image, the windows utility is called "Back Up and Restore" which is also found in the Control Panel. It is basically the same as "Windows 7 File Recovery" in Windows 8.


Good to know.....nice!!!!


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That's the exact problem at Microsoft. They need to get their head's out of their ass's and stop changing the name's of thing's or at least if they do change a name of a feature, let the customer's know about it From everything I've read the name change's are still a mess in 8.1.


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Hi BadRobot,

I always knew that it was in Windows 7, because it appeared in a normal location along with the other recovery stuff.

Why Microsoft didn't make some effort to let people know where it is in Windows 8, or just name it Windows 8 Disk Image Creator, is strange, because people started complaining about about it not being available almost as soon as Windows 8 was released.

Well I'm glad to know it's there and will use it.

I have no reason to assume that it won't work if I need it to, but I'd be glad to hear from anyone who has actually done a recovery using it.

I'm not going to try it unless I have to, I've made my computer unbootable just messing around too many times over the last 25 years. LOL

Only a few weeks ago I read a whole article on how to create a system image working from the command prompt.
Apparently the guy who wrote the article didn't know it was there either because it accomplished exactly the same thing.

Thanks again for the heads up.


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