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i am due to buy a new laptop soon which will have 'vista home premium' installed. i would like to play a few old games such as 'quake 4' and 'tomb raider' on it.

what are the compatability issues as regards to running software that was originally written to run with 'xp' on 'vista'?

if i want to run some 'xp' software that will not run on 'vista' is it possible to setup a parition and install 'xp' and have the choice which i choose to run at startup? if it is possible any tips on how to do it would be great!

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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum.
Steve after you've installed your 'old' software, right-click on the start up exe and hit properties. It's here you'll see that along the top is a tab called 'compatibility', click that. You'll then see a box you can tick so that the software will operate as if it's being run by XP SP2. Hope that answers your question.:D

hey cheers for that i'll give it a try once a have my new laptop!:)



I had some issues with some old games also. Some will also need you to run them in "administer mode" in order for them to access updates. I know Battlefield did. It's on the same tab as the previous reply. And make sure you have the very latest vid driver.


Ah, forgot to log in. LOL

I play Halo on mine and UT2004 and haven't had any issues so far.

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