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There's an issue w/ putting in g.mail, yahoo & some others. The necessity is basically the same for all. Spose it's a bit like needing the Outlook Hotmail Connector for Hotmail in Outlook; anyway, w/ g.mail, yahoo acc'ts, you have to go to theirsite & enable it in your mail settings.

Oh well, cool. I was remembering setting up gmail for a customer once time & had to go to the gmail web site & enable something. But, good for you.

I do not use the Metro mail. I guess I do not like most of the Metro apps. I have selected to ALWAYS use the desktop IE 10. I suppose at some point in time I will choose to try some of the Metro apps. Perhaps I'm getting too old or set in my ways. I do use WLM and have it set up on my desktop. I have it set to access the same files my Win 7 WLM accesses on my data partition. I know many don't like WLM but I do.

I am getting acclimated to not having the Start Orb. I can access most of the functions rather quickly by other means. System tools is accessed by Win Key + X (thanks Drew), my apps from a Shortcuts folder pinned to my Taskbar (Been doing this for years), Control Panel icon on Desktop, etc.

I was able to easily set up my 3 email accounts (Road Runner default, Hotmail and GMail) in WLM with no problems. I may try then in the Metro email but I do not see a need at this time except to try it so who knows.

Well that's enough this fine early morning.
HI Ted,

There is nothing wrong w/ WLM, @ all. No biggie about using (any) Apps or not... the Calendar one is ok, though... handy, clear & reminders come to Inbox.

I tried to set the Mail app up. Hotmail and Google were fine, but I could not figure a way out to add another account, so I could not add my ISP account (Road Runner). What a bummer. I realize this is a beta, but that would be a downer because the Road Runner is my default.
Oh yea. No problem at all. I did read that most of the Metro apps are "blunted" or something like that and that MS is working furiously to finish them over the next few months. I guess I'm an old foggy and like the WLM interface better than the Metro mail UI. It took me a while when the switch happened from OE to WM to WLM so I guess I will be able to make yet another switch, but I'm not sure I want to.
Yes, the OS is well along but many of the Apps are rough & or unfinished. & certainly, none of that Metro stuff is obligatory to use, @ all.

Subject change... did you see how or where I end up w/ the Shutdown/Restart buttons?
Yep & thanks, again, for those buttons.

BTW, to Search (for) something, saves a couple clicks & maneuvers to just WinKey & begin typing anywhere on Start; I'm sure you know this, already, Ted... not sure to what degree it's common knowledge; 1 of the few times or reasons I visit Start.
Yea I knew that. I don't use search all that much. When I do I used to go to Start Orb, Search, now I go to Win Key and Type. just as easy or perhaps easier.

BTW, I have no idea what I did or what happened. I was going back to Win 7 briefly (My PDF app does not like IE 10 and I have not worked out the details yet for here. Needed to save and print something for work) I restarted, and PC would not boot. I got my Vaio screen, MBR screen, then nothing. I put in my Acronis rescue media, hooked my Ext HD, Restored both OSes (don't know if both were screwed or not) and I'm back in business. Boy do I "Love Imaging"!!!
I have some ideas:

I had a work project (yes some of us still have the old 8 to 4 type work grinds) that I had to print a PDF. I opened the web site to acquire the PDF to print and store it on my PC only to find IE 10 did not have a default PDF add on and my PDF reader of choice was not allowed to install it's IE extension (I guess) Did not like the available options. The site did not have a download option for the PDF so I was attempting to switch to Win 7 to accomplish this small task.

When I hit Restart, my PC hung on Shutdown and the wheels went a spinnin for ever. I finally did a hard power down with power button. PC then lost it's ability to boot. The Vaio screen came up, the Boot screen came up, I chose Win 7, but Win 7 never booted, I just got the black screen with multicolored dots at the top. Pretty, but not useable. Tried again, same. So instead of fooling around, I just grabbed my Acronis Rescue Disk, and my Ext HD, restored my Win 7 Image, then booted again and restored my Win 8 CP Image and I was back in business.

I have no idea what happened. It has worked fine since. The couple of customizations I applied since my last Image had to be re-applied (will have to create a new Image for that). Thank goodness for Images.

Have I stated here: "I LOVE IMAGING!!!"
Yes, Mike, Preview does mean, not necessarily finished or final. As we can see, the OS is well on its way but, the Build Team is working feverishly over the next few months on Apps.

I think you were getting 'stuck' in the Mail App from Start. You would be alright if using Windows Live Mail from Windows Live essentials, instead. I was going to go that route until & except, I installed Office 2010 & am using Outlook.

Anyway, WLM is ok, instead of the Mail App.

Yea, I have no problems with WLM at all. The Metro mail app is not finished obviously. There have been some quirks in IE 10. I may try to use Chrome for a while and see what happens.
From it's early days, I have been a lover of Windows Live Mail. I cannot visualise any feature that could be added, to enhance that view. It does seem odd to me that Microsoft, with an already successful product, are now neglecting it in favour of something which, after a cursory glance, seems inferior. Perhaps there are plans, before RTM, to make the link open WLM?
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I, too, have a hard time understanding Apps that seem unnecessary... Why a Mail App when there is WLM? I don't get it. Does it have something to do w/ Mobile Platforms? I don't have a true Smart phone & not into social media stuff. So maybe I've missed something.

& yes, likely ... lot of work still being done on Apps before RTM
I have to modify my last post. Pointing my WLM to my WLM folder from my Win 7 has started creating problems for me. First when I sign on in Win 7 I input my sign on info and select remember my pw. Then when I switch to Win 8 CP, same thing. Next time, for some reason when I sign on in Win 8 CP I get a recovering WLM screen, and a new set of storage folders is created and all my folders changed, and I had to go through and modify all my folders and drag the saved mail back into the folders. Then it happened again.

At this point. I'm going to use Win 7 to check my email for now and uninstall WLM from my Win 8 CP. It was a real hassle yesterday.

I will be keeping an eye out for a modified email app to appear that allows me to open my Road Runner email as well.
What you can do, is point WLM, in the advanced options, to a created folder. I have two on my extra hard disk. Logically, they are called Win7Mail and Win8Mail. Only problem is, I have elected to allow my server to keep mail for a specific number of days, so, as 7 is my primary OS, and will remain so for some time, I first check there, before rebooting into Windows 8 and, just to keep the test going, check my mail there.