Windows 8 OMG, imagine...

I have a number of email addresses, all of which come in to my Outlook Express in XP automatically whenever I boot up.

I can't imagine having any of them being mucked about with Win-8. If using Win-8 for my email were an absolute necessity,
(and it's not) I'd probably just install Mozilla Thunderbird. It's very much like O.E. and is very easy to set up.

Actually, I can't imagine me using Win-8 for anything, but testing purposes. No email, no favorite places, etc.

Well, I put in WLM from WLE... installed w/out a hitch. I left Outlook as the Default. WLM appears to be working flawlessly. I struggle to see the point or need for many of the APPs including the Mail App... regardless of their 'condition', many seem redundant. Maybe, I'm missing something but, I sure don't find myself visiting Start much or often or using any there a lot... occasionally to Search.

I finally, albeit overdue, got around to firing up "File Saving"; sure didn't take long to take everything.

& just cus I have the opportunity... Win (key) > Start & Esc > Desktop I'm sure you may know this, already.

& just cus I have the opportunity... Win (key) > Start & Esc > Desktop I'm sure you may know this, already.
I have a serious question for you Drew. You've mentioned this Key combination(s) several times and now I'm wondering if there is something different about my two installs.
I have two full blown installs on dedicated hard drives, one 32bit (laptop) and one 64bit (desktop) no VM, no Dual Boot, just plain old installs.
On both of these I can toggle back and forth between the Metro UI Start and the Desktop by simply tapping the Windows Logo Key on my keyboard on the bottom left between Ctrl and Alt. I don't need to use + D or + Esc, just alternate by using the WinKey. Are you experiencing something different or am I misunderstanding what you are describing?
Just Wondering?
It is the normal default, Trouble. Mine is the same - Windows key alone.
I thought Win or repeats of it was on the list. Certainly, both do it, are different ways for same result. No difference one install or another. Will dbl check the list for this.
Yep, I beats 2, lol. Don't use WinD, ever really; if not WIN, may hit Esc, guess finger's just near it @ that moment or something, lol

Anyway, reckon all the ways are clear on the list, now