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Just sharing this from another Forum, just for the hell of it. If, you disagree w/ any of it, please, don't bother beating ME up over it; no need for that. Differing opinions are ok & don't mean you have to deride another's view. Ok? Cool, thanks.

2012-09-06 00:14

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Hello all,
Just a question and comment... Keep in mind that i have the 8RP ... but that's as far as i can go because of the inability to connect to the internet ( Pantech UML290 modem not yet supported for Windows 8) I am by no means wanting to start a "war". What i do not understand about "8" is...

1. What are the advantages of "8" as compared to the others? ..Faster , Safer, easier to navigate, etc.

2. What is the advantage to remove things that work well, and replace them with things that make the book "Windows 8 for Dummies" more of a statement ?

3. Why do most want, or need "Tools" to make "8" more user friendly?... If "8" is indeed a better OS.

Regards Fred
Hi Fred,

#1. There are, indeed & in fact, many meaningful & substantial differences, enhancements & improvements in or w/ Windows8. Some of these you touched upon in your query; it is all 3 of those & more. In addition to the 3 you note there are many (new) things, that cool as they are supposed to be will only receive terse mention from me... such things as relate to toys/playthings, amusement, social (networking) things & entertainment. The value is in it's technology & a slew of such stuff under-the-covers. Some of this ties in w/ the fact that 8 runs on a variety of devices & that in itself is something 'special' about 8; there's a resultant consistency when moving between devices. Much of 8 caters to Enterprise, both in technology & Features. Another aspect is how it boots (due to which, it boots faster), how it handles CPU, how it handles RAM & how it uses GPU. The noticeable manifestation of all this is greater speed, snappier, smoother, more stable, better battery life, excellent graphics, far less resource demanding & doesn't need robust or band new gear. You are absolutely correct listing fast, safer & easier to navigate and I'll come back to the navigate. Oh, that is comes w/ excellent security embedded & on, by default, is, alone, almost worth the price of admission. And, lastly, it is not 'buggy'; it is solid & extremely stable.

2. YES, YES & YES!! It makes no logical sense, @ all. Take a good thing & treat it like it needs help. Fred there is NO advantage. For example, shut the hotspots, the corners off... you're right, exactly... now, something that works well, has purpose & raison d-etre ain't available anymore... isn't that just brilliant. Sure one can keyboard for all that's disabled & there's nothing wrong w/ using K/B shortcuts, hell, I use them lots... BUT, there's also, nothing wrong w/ touching corners or having the choice... sometimes you'll use 1 way, sometimes the other & so what, eh? Even, if, something is brought up rarely (like Charms) no harm that it can be by shoving the cursor in a corner.; can WinX the Users menu, can Win+ damned near anything ... yet, sometimes I just go where I know something is when I want or need it, my fingers are busy or I just don't think of the K/B shortcut when my hand's, already, on the mouse & sometimes I hit the K/B. But, it's just fine having both, keeping bot & leaving well enough alone. There is no need or reason to make Win8 something it's not, put a mask on it or dress it up in a costume.

#3. This is hard to answer. 1st, it's hard to say if it is "most" or not. The reality is, certainly, not need!! That there is none. Windows8 works, does, performs, NAVIGATES beautifully, as is, by default, out-of-the-box. But, your query is why are so many missing this. Here are some contributing factors:
>> It has a new & different UI. Now, human nature rears it ugly head... some people can cope w/ that (read 'change') & some people it freaks them out.
>> It is a hip, cool bandwagon to be on to bash Microsoft & its (new) products.
>> Rumours & hearsay do a lot of damage, create prejudice, bias, negativity, nerves & paranoia... scares people, especially the naïve, those not very computer-savvy.
>> An incredible lack of understanding of Windows8 and/or a lack of desire or willingness (enthusiasm, interest) to discover it, learn it. It is easier to some mindsets & thought patterns to, instead, retrofit it back to some familiar comfort zone.
>> A huge pile of rubbish regarding its Start screen, Tiles, APPs & the UI, in general. An implication to people that all of the above constitutes some sort of monstrous problem... nothing could be farther from the truth! How it is all used & perceived & understood can & does make a monstrous impact pro or con.

The view to liking or disliking 8, to appreciating it or not, is largely a matter of attitude. But, can the End User experience of & w/ Windows8 be a pleasant & good one w/out altering its status quo? Categorically & emphatically, YES!

That said, personally, I have tried to add-ins. Still, in spite of being familiar w/ prior Operating Systems am happily using PURE Windows8; I use an Applications folder on the Taskbar which, is equivalent to WinQ & have a Power menu as part of the desktop Rt Clk, nothing else. Have been beta testing it for Microsoft (& my clients & others; I have to 'know' it) non-stop for over the last 5 months for everything I do. It is easier, more direct, more convenience, less time, fewer clicks & has some funky Features & methodologies, super impressive underlying technologies and super impressive results from that, in daily activity.


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