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Mar 25, 2006
Well, y'all knew I'd toss my 2 cents in here Yes, I, too, knew the numbers, the specs, even the motivators & goals, in advance AND what it all suggested... hell, I even sat through a whole morning of listening the Steve rant about its greatness & appeal... I muddled about w/ the DP. We are not there yet, folks but, now we have a beta. It's still early!! ...I don't hear my machine running!!! That is not the case when it's on Windows 7. I have gauges on my screens… the activity & levels are not the same!! Period. W/ Windows 8 it's freaky how low the values are. No wonder things are fast; point here is, to see it hands-on, that's when it becomes concrete & impressive. Damn machine is hardly working... doing the same stuff as would be in Windows 7. However, ppl will balk & fight it tooth & nail unless the majority buy into comments like these. MS has hit a homer, by the looks of it, so far. Will most ppl buy into it, not only as a purchase but, conceptually. I will be bold enough to say MS has turned a corner in what IT & computing is & is becoming, where it's going. This should have appeal... BUT, will the (Metro) Start be a turn off, the lack of Start Menu, ppl thinking it requires Touch and "What??!! I have to go new, again, already??!!"... will these 3 be obstacles? Will all the timely sense it makes, all the performance it offers, outshine all that? Between the number devices upon which this thing is happy & the number of End Users who could be very happy w/ it... it is worth learning it & w/out a chip on one's shoulder OR being pissed about a learning curve... why wouldn't there be a learning curve? Ah, but, no call for panic... MS gave it to the world @ a time ppl would be so bloody curious they would try or play w/ the damn thing, right now, Beta or not, for free... and, gosh, what happens if, even, most of them think it's screamin' cool, too? Maybe, MS lures & hooks folks... Ya think?? Anyway, all factiousness aside, even w/ some things in the DP I thought, this is how is should have always been; then you realise what actually exists now, technically, how Windows 8 positions itself & the IT road ahead... faster, smaller, more powerful & capable, lighter on resources & easier to understand & use. So far, this OS looks like it may be a hit that's going out of the park & lots of folks will applaud. Regards, Drew
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