On screen keyboard Issue

My wife turned the on screen keyboard on by accident. She is running Vista SP 1 on a Dell desktop. In researching this issue I found one incident that was posted in 2007. I followed the steps listed in that discussion forum. I followed the steps even though the screen displays were slightly different then mine. Problem still exists. Any advise on how to turn off the on screen keyboard would be appreciated.



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Hi!! Turn it off in your Accessibility Settings: (Start>All Programs>Accessibility>On Screen Keyboard) If they give you an option, which computer to use, choose the one without the keyboard and mouse. Make sure you UN-Tick the box- then press Save. If that doesn't work we'll try something else.


I tried the steps you sent me and had no luck. There were some slight differences on the versions of Windows I am running vs your note. However, they seemed so minor that I went ahead and tried the steps you outlined.

The steps I took were:
>Clicked on Start
>Clicked on Accessories
>Clicked on Ease of Access ( this is the only place I could find On screen >keyboard). The line item On Screen Keyboard was not checked.
>However, I clicked it a couple of times and the setting remained the same throughout (the radio button never turn on or off.

BTW - thanks for trying to assist me in resolving this issue.
the process.

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