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Windows 8 On startup provide an option to choose your starting desktop

Gurbeh Ebanz

New Member
Aug 24, 2012

I have been on Win 8 Consumer Pre and Release Pre... I love the 2 menus and love the reach across productivity/business and basic consumer with an apps loaded menu. BUT! How about giving us the option on what we want to load up at the start instead of needing a desktop tile on the menu. I love this OS but for word processing it\'d be nice to choose where I start.

I also believe consumers on the heavier business/developer side would be more great full for doing that. :)

Search bar in market needs to happen as well. Not being able to search for apps is a pain. Make it like the phone! :)
Actually if you are talking about the "Store" App, it is searchable. Just like the start screen, just open the store app and type something.... like skydrive. You should get a link to the appropriate app from the store.

Regarding the other part of your question / statement, I'm not quite sure how to interpret it, but I believe if you so desire, you can still place your word processor shortcut into the startup directory and it should launch after windows loads. But strategically organizing your start screen tiles into groups and ordering them according to your needs it's probably going to be just as easy to click Word or whatever from the start screen.
Hi Trouble! Thank you I didn\'t know I could just type and find it. Very good to know!

As far as the startup. I currently have my tiles organized like that, but it is extra clicks. Why click on outlook and then go to my other desktop to open it? Why go to the metro menu at all if I didn\'t have a use for it on a keyboard/mouse scenario?

I think at setup and in your settings options you should have choice on your setup. Use desktop \"work\" mode as your primary option or keep it as the tile \"touch\" menu. I love having that setup on my tablet but does kind of get annoying having it on my laptop. I have received complaints from friends as well and they automatically want to just throw out getting a Win8 upgrade because that small detail. It\'s common feedback I am getting.
Yes it is common feedback and I suspect it will likely get more common in some cases. As is always the case, many people are reluctant to change how they do things but seriously you don't actually click on the Outlook tile in the Metro UI and then go to the desktop to open it, it just opens in the desktop, if you were already in the desktop you would still have to click on it or something to start it anyway. Start-> All Programs-> Microsoft Office-> Outlook..... or a taskbar / quick launch / desktop shortcut, so I really don't see the problem or issue. The start screen with the metro tiles is just a big giant start menu.

A year from now this whole discussion about the missing parts of past Windows Operating Systems will just be a distant memory. People will adapt and will have a hard time remembering how they used to do things before Windows 8.
It's a good solid OS and unlike some previous instances (Millennium Edition and Vista pre-service pack 1) I have no problems or qualms about recommending it.

I've been critical of the Windows 8 Operating System in the past, when I still had hopes of it actually doing some good and entertained the idea that perhaps Microsoft might actually listen to some of our critiques. That time has past and Windows 8 is what it is and it's here to stay. Continuing to obsess over something like a Start Button or All Programs menu is simply a waste of everyone's time, yours, mine and other folks possibly reading this thread.

There are options and will likely continue to be more as time goes by. Many people have just installed Classic Shell Welcome to Classic Shell as an overlay and I understand from several people that the newest version works well with Windows 8.

And of course Windows 7 is still a strong, viable option and is likely to be around for a very long time to come.
It is a refreshing outlook (excuse the use of the phrase- lol), Trouble (and Mike's contribution.)
I have been having quite an aggressive battle on another forum, over the fuss being made regarding the Lately called "Metro"
If you adopt the Classic, with its bypass of the Metro, you can use Windows 8, without ever seeing Metro again, until Windows 9 comes along. I do feel that users should be reminded that there are other features in Windows 8, apart from the Metro, which are worth discussing.. MS have still given us the choice, albeit with the application of a third party program.

By the way, If anyone is unhappy with the Classic (I cannot think why) there is a tweak out now so that you can by pass the Metro and go immediately to the desktop. This gives you the opportunity to install any of the third party menus you desire.
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The start screen with the metro tiles is just a big giant start menu.

The thing is though, whilst I totally agree with the above statement and have said it many times myself, many seem to either not understand this concept or want to. I'm getting so sick of hearing this argument over and over again and reminds me very much of the xp versus win 7 debacle..

Please enough already..

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Yes. Actually , kemical, you skipped Vista? Vista was not such a bad OS as alleged, but that it another story. But it did provide, for the dedicated, a leaping stone to a quite different system of navigation. Those who persisted with it, found no problem and, in fact, were delighted when Windows 7 came along.
Like yourself, and other supporters (not necessarily satisfied supporters - lol), I do not see the change in Windows 8 as such a big jump as that mentioned. Essentially, nothing has changed. If new users do not like Metro, then ignore it and install Classic.
As you said, and with which I agree 100%, but "sick of", yes, but totally bored with the arguments.
I jump around these days almost entirely on Windows 8 forums. It seems to be the only aspect of Windows 8 that is being discussed. Surely a couple of remarks on its (slightly) better performance, or a couple of the new features, would be refreshing.
Hi Dave,

nope didn't miss vista, I was an early adopter and your right, xp versus vista would have been a better analogy.

I guess it comes down to the fact that people just don't like change. At least that is a feeling I can understand somewhat. What I don't understand is how personal some users are taking this change. It's as if they feel MS has done this maliciously and a kind of 'how could they do it to us' attitude seems to exist. As I've said before, Microsoft owes us nothing, it's simply a company with products for sale, if you don't like em then don't buy em is what I say....
The title of this thread itself says i tall. They are alreadý on a start menu, if they examine it and think more logically. Just had one member complaing like H**l about it, over five pages of posts, and then pops up and says he is going to stay with Windows 7, where he has 48 shortcuts on his dsektop for regular use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I was trying to make an educated guess. I think, if I used those shortcuts on a very regular basis, it would take me several hours to complete the grand tour!
I offered this mainly as a suggestion from feedback I have received. I really like the metro (name changed but it was called metro) menu. I am updating the tech in my house with all touch screen capable PCs. So this works greatly for me. I\'m merely suggesting that there is an option on startup. Would you like the \"Classic\" desktop or would you like the new \"Metro\" desktop to navigate your apps, and programs. Instead of forcing people to go with something they aren\'t used to.

Mainly looking at those buying new PCs, and such. If people are deterred by the new OS then they will just stick with Win7 and not upgrade. Missing out on the new features. I didn\'t mean this to sound like a complaint. Just wanted to get the suggestions out to a more visible forum and hope that an engineer would go \"hmmm... Maybe this would be useful to the day to day user.\"
Hi Gurbeh,

please rest assured the comments made are not directed at you but at the issues or arguments that have raised lately surrounding the Start screen and missing Orb/Start menu. I guess this has become a bit of a 'hot potatoe' for some, myself included and let me apologise for going off topic somewhat.
My apologies, Gurber. I agree with kemical. We should not have strayed from the subject of the thread title.

I'll just repeat that the issue of the Start Screen has been solved for anyone who doesn't want to use it, (like me) so it really isn't an issue any more.

When I get Windows 8 and install it on my PC I'll install Classic Shell as the next step.
When I get my Windows Surface I'll use it the way God, (or at least Bill Gates) intended.

There's nothing wrong with the Start Screen it's just hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
I still like the Windows XP interface for most things.

Since you can install Classic Shell and still have all the options that are part of Windows 7 and 8 it's a no brainier for me.
As far as I can tell you don't give up anything to use Classic Shell it just makes more options available in fact the new version lets you chose the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 interface.