Only one gripe with Windows 10 now.


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I now only have one gripe with Windows 10 now, instead of two.
SLI now work's as Nvidia gave Microsoft new GeForce 353.62 driver's. You can only get them through Windows Update so far. Nvidia hasn't posted them on their site yet. SLI now work's, but be forewarned The display with crash if you run 3DMark Advanced's Feature Test for DX12.
My only gripe I have left is that we can't use our tv tuner's/cable card tuner's to watch or record tv in Microsoft's Movies & TV app.
They really need to add that as they did away with WMC.
Also, Ceton doesn't have any software for watching or recording tv with their cable card tuner's. Hauppauge has it's WinTV software, but they only sell a usb based cable card tuner.
I won't spend any money on a usb based tv tuner or cable card tuner, as they all suck and only occasionally work, unlike PCIe tuner's, which alway's work.

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