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Windows 10 Opening the "About System" window keeps crashing


New Member
Oct 29, 2021
How can I fix this problem? Every time I open the "About your PC" a.k.a "System Properties" window, it just crashes. the window with the gear shows up and then the window just closes, doesn't load the About System info.

5 ways I tried opening it and it just keeps crashing....
1.) This PC > Properties
2.) Start > Settings > System > About
3.) Start > Search for About your PC
4.) Control Panel > System
5.) Win + Pause buttons

Thank you for the support!! :)


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have you tried [windows key] + [r] then winver [enter]
so 21H1 i.e, is your build 19043.1288 because that would mean the screen you posted has been retired and you are part way into the W11 upgrade?

since winver is working your system must just be blocking normal script commands and most the time that happens because people start mucking about in the registry so we need to know;
  1. your system
  2. what you changed &
  3. what 3rd party system tools
without that the best option is to replace the harddrive [for backup] & install a fresh Windows
just did a windows update and now it's working. was running 19042.128 before and now 19043.128, that did it. Thank you Ussnorway for the support! :up: and May the Force be with You!