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Today was the second day where I got the "Operating System Not Found" screen, so I figured I would come this site to get some help. Just for reference I'm not very computer savi but can definitely following instructions. I have a Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM, running x64 bit Windows 7.

Little history on the situation:

1st (about a month ago)- Started the computer up one morning at work, and got the "Operating System Not Found Screen." I opened the hard drive plate to make sure the internal hard drive didn't get disconnected, I disconnected it and reconnected. So then I searched the problem on my iPhone, and went into F2 on start up and changed the start up sequence to internal hard drive 1st, instead of disk drive. Saved and restarted and it corrected the issue.

2nd- Which was today. My wife was on the computer, and walked away from the computer for a few minutes. She came back to the computer to find the computer asleep. She hit the space bar and the computer awoke to the "Operating System Not Found" Screen. She came to get me and it took me to having to go back into the F2 on start up and change the settings again. I had to make the disk drive to 3rd and external hard drive to 2nd and internal hard drive to 1st. So after that I saved and restarted and selected start windows normally, and it seemed to work fine.

So that's all the history on the situation, and would really love some help. This is my everyday laptop and I've only had it for maybe 7 months, and this stuff shouldn't be happening. So if any information is requested please reply and I will get back to you a few minutes later. Thanks,


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Hi Duff,

I certainly could say a lot more depending on the initial turn taken. Cus my 1st instinct is to advise you go under Warranty to point of purchase. Depending on the result of that, it's time to look @ "what next?". @ 7 months & having such behavior (twice) evaluate warrantee & possibly eliminate it first. If, it ends up back on your shoulders, I'll be glad to explore things for you. @ 7 months check warrantee before you anything further w/ it. Don't open the door for the retailer or manufacturer to say you mucked about w/ it or caused things. U know what I mean, I'm sure.


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This is a strange behavior - especially since it happened only twice. Drew is right. I would get in touch with Sony asap. They will probaly send you a box so that you can send it to their technical center in Laredo, Tx. But insist that they take some kind of action.

I had them refund me $1175 for a laptop that was more than 1 year old and did not work right. But only after I wrote a letter to their CEO. Just mention the name Sir Howard Stringer in case they give you a hard time. The address is:

Sir Howard Stringer
SonyCorporation of America
550Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Well gents that is the route I will take in the mean time. I bought it through Best Buy, so I will check the warranty paperwork out. Thanks for your time and I will post an update come tomorrow and I get ahold of them.

Sir Howard Stringer...Check!!


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Did you take the external drive to the store also?

If you get it back, you might try disconnecting that for testing.

If the external drive is not involved, one suggestion is to run a chkdsk on the internal drive. Possibly the Master Boot Record is corrupted.

I am anticipating the store will say "unable to duplicate" or replace some item to test. But if they do seem to repair it, keep an eye on it.

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