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Jul 22, 2005
Here at Windows7Forums.com, we are committed to recognizing global contributors to communities both online and offline. As we have recently teamed up with Microsoft to recognize the Microsoft Community Contributor program on this website, we will also accept registrations for valid and present Microsoft MVPs. Unfortunately, simply answering that you are a Microsoft MVP is insufficient for us to add a ranked title to your profile for this recognition purpose. To add MVP validation to your Windows7Forums.com profile, please respond to this thread with:

Your full name
The URL to your Microsoft MVP Profile

Once this information can be validated, we will add a ranked title to your profile to identify you to other members as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This is a non-time consuming process, but if you do not feel comfortable revealing this information, it should be emphasized that this an optional procedure. Your username will likely be coded in a different color and the official Microsoft MVP logo will be displayed under your username.

Furthermore, if you are not renewed for the MVP award during the annual nomination process, please notify us at [email protected], as any misrepresentation of this status will be your responsibility. Currently, the renomination and nomination process is still scheduled for April 1, 2013 for some MVPs. The information you provide will be made publicly available on your Windows7Forums.com profile, and if a connected e-mail is identified, on your Windows8Forums.com profile as well.

This effort is being taken as a matter of request and being provided as a service at the request of several Microsoft MVPs. Unfortunately, recognition for actual IT certifications and other awards cannot be made at this time due the lengthy verification requirements. You are free to display this information in your signature, for so long as you are not misrepresenting yourself in any official or unofficial capacity. Thank you.

Could this information not be placed under a confidential cover? Showing the full name and, even the profile, gives away too much information to spammers.

Could this information not be placed under a confidential cover? Showing the full name and, even the profile, gives away too much information to spammers.
Dave, a link to your MVP profile is sufficient, but we need to confirm you are the same person. If you cannot disclose that type of information, we cannot just give out the title. We have no way of authenticating if that is the case. "I'm a Microsoft MVP, but I don't want anyone to know who I am." is what that is saying. I hope you understand.

Of course you can always private message me the details and I will try to assist with this operation.

I've just been directed back to this thread.
I wasn't fully in the picture, as to why the request as made from other MVPs, as it is there advantage to check themselves (? or maybe no longer), through the mvp site.
But the results were interesting. Suddenly all those little blue signs vanished - lol. I wonder if it is a matter of secrecy, or they really were not genuine. It did cross my mind that there were an awful lot, whose names seldom seemed to pop up in the Microsoft forums.

But. Surely more than two of us? - excluding the Admin, of course.

There certainly are more here @davehc, they just aren't active at this time or never bothered to ask to go through the registration process. Best, Mike.