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Hey guys,

I've got this great little app for my android called Mixzing. Mixzing will see what track your currently playing (if you select one from your library) and then create a playlist with 20 suggestions in it. So if you select a calm or mellow song, it will suggest 20 more calm or mellow songs from your library. Similarly if you select a rock or pop song, it will suggest 20 more rock or pop songs from the music on your phone.

This is really great if your really in the mood for a song, but cant think of lots of alternatives, you can just pick one and it sets up a good chunk of music for you to listen to!

Are there any alternatives for windows 7? iTunes is my main media player, but its up to me to create the playlist...I haven't got time for this! I just want to click and go! I've done a bit of Google searching, but the terms are so loose that its not really coming in very handy.

Can you guys/gals help?

Thanks a bunch in advance!


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i use winamp and just pull up a playlist. or just make one based on genre (if tagged well) that works for me

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