Outdated hardware and drivers


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I have a small issue with a USB ADSL modem that I need to run. There are no drivers for this for W7 so I was thinking that if I could run W7 in XP mode I may be able to get around this issue. However when in XP mode the driver will not load at all it just bombs out ;)

Windows XP mode supports USB 1.1, and what is the USB number of your ADSL?

You can try on 7 :

1. Right-click the driver setup file -> properties -> compatibility tab -> xp compatible. See if it installs.

2. Extract the driver to a hard drive folder. Then devices manager -> right click the modem -> update the driver -> browse to the folder with the driver extracted.

Finally, this may work:

3. Devices manager -> right click the modem -> update the driver -> select microsoft generic driver from the list (if it's on the list).


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Ah cool I did not think of doing it that way. Will have to wait until Monday now as I am at home and this laptop is in my office


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I tried as much of the above as I could, this laptop is restricted as it is a company laptop. So I could not get anything to work so my next step is to now see if I can get anther router that will work and is comparable to the diagnostics software

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