Paired bluetooth speaker doesnt appear on playback devices


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Cannot get my JBL micro wireless speaker to appear on playback devices, nor connect to it. So, no sound throug it at the moment.

Windows did find the speaker and its on Device and printers list as JBL Micro, im guessing its paired. No errors in any stated that its installed and ready to use. Its not on playback devices list, and thus cannot connect to it.

Device worked fine just a moment, drivers shold be ok. It vanished and wont come back, when I accidentally pushed "turn off wireless transmitters" on my HP ProBook lappy. And when turned it back on again...speker didnt recover.

This is actually not the first time this has I know its possible to get it working again somehow. But I have totally forgot how... :red_smile:


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well...if reboot doesnt fix it then we are in trouble :p

now it works...but still dont know why it didnt. Maybe next time...

There is still some annoyance though. It doesnt connect automatically, and sometimes have to connect manually many times before there is sound...but I can live with that.


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Bluetooth devices or drivers can be a little flaky. In some cases, you may have to remove the device and then rediscover it.


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I did that multiple times...always the same result.

When right clickin the device there were no "control' action on the menu, I think...since I m sure I would have seen it, if it been there.
After reboot there was...and was able to connect manually.

btw...any idea why it does not connect automatically when bluetooth speaker is powered on?
the same speaker on my old lappy connected automatically. Both lappys are HP ProBook's with win7 64-bit. Would imagine they work the same way...

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