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Jun 13, 2009
Hi. Sorry if this is in the wrong place - But I am having a bit of a problem with partitioning. As far as I am aware, Windows 7 needs 16 gigs to install, so I figured I would partition my hard drive to dual boot it and Vista. Whenever I try to partition 20 gigs (4 more just to be safe), it won't let me. I can only partition 12.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I assume you have plenty of free space on the drive you want to shrink?

In that case it is because Disk Management will only shrink till it meets a system file - it will not move system files.

3rd party programs will. There is a free bootable one called GParted - d/l the .iso file and burn to cd as an image - do not format the cd. GParted: Downloading ...

GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD

Yo may need to run startup afterwards to boot back into Vista. If you install 7 straight after - no startup repair needed.

Or you could use a full featured commercial program. I use Paragon. If you fancy that, there is a special offer ( if it's still running )

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Click the Buy Tab - on the next page , select your currency from the drop - down flap.

In either case, it is best to shrink the partition from the Right.

Hope it helps.
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Hello and welcome

Are you using XP only right now?

Since XP doesn't allow you to shrink or expand partitions, you'll either need 3rd-party software.

Here is a link to a free scaled down version of Partagon Partition Magic:

Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 SE free promo - Raymond.CC Forum

Please let me know if there are any problems downloading and registering.

BTW, I would give Windows 7 at least 35GB of space.
Sorry, I should have elaborated a little.
I am running Vista (64-bit) and I have 300+ gigs of free space.
You should be fine to use the free Paragon app. ( the boot disc is not a patch on the one you get with the paid version ) - it will do the job.

Sorry, don't know where I got XP's Hell getting old:)

Did you successfully download and install Paragon Partition Manager?

Since you're using Vista, you should be able to shrink or expand partitions. How is your partitioning Scheme setup?
I haven't been able to run it yet, but I did get it downloaded and installed. And what do you mean by partitioning scheme?
I have a factory restore partition of about 12 gigs. My whole hard drive is around 600, but I have 300 free.
So in other words, you have 300GB of unallocated space or is it partiutioned also?

C: 300GB
D: 12GB
E: ?
suggest shrink C to 40gb and leave your Vista OS on it then create a second partition of 40gb ish size for win7 and format the remaining space of approx 200gb for data use, then shift any personal data out of E and merge/include it onto the "200gb partition" :)

personally I have 4 partitions for purely OS (xp, vista, win7, spare) and 2 partitions purely for data/ISO's , but I have a bit more HD space than you ;)

I don't think you'll be able to shrink it down that far, but I would suggest 35 to 40GB for Windows 7 and create another partition to install all your 3rd-party software.
Hi Scyrge,

Up to you. Many people like to keep their o/s partition small (ish) and keep their data on separate partition(s).

This makes it easier when you come to reinstall, and less work in terms of maintenance, like defragging, making partition image, etc.

However, if you already have a lot of your own stuff on your o/s partition , you may , or may not, want to make a separate data partition , then copy all your own stuff onto that.

To use the Paragon to shrink your partition:

Rt click the partition to shrink, select Move/Resize:

Link Removed due to 404 Error

Drag from the right to desired size, Click Yes.

Link Removed due to 404 Error

It will then show your new intended partition arrangement along the bottom.

If you are happy with that, Click Apply on the Menu bar at the top of the main window.
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I tried to resize through that and it told me that the restart application can not be processed on this 64-bit version of windows.
Yes, that would be correct - if it is moving System files on the o/s partition - you obviously can't do it while you are in it.

It would be like cutting down the tree you are sitting in.

The message is misleading - it is nothing to do with 64 bit - what it is trying to say is "cannot perform this operation while booted into "The name of the o/s you are booted into"

As that is a very basic version of the program - it seems it doesn't have the ability to go into "boot - time " mode - unless it suggested that?

In that case, you would need to use the boot disc.

I am not sure how good the boot disc is with that free version ( I use the Paragon Hard Disk Manager ).

That is why I suggested GParted.

Since you have the basic version Paragon - you may as well run off the boot disc and see . You might need to have a PS2 mouse to use it easily when you are booted in.
As long as you're running Vista, don't use any 3rd party tools.

Use Disk Management and create the partitions's already built-in.


reghakr, never comment on the 64-bit edition because you don't know what the hell you're taklking about
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