Partitions During Recovery

Hello everyone. I had a quick question and hope someone here can help me.

I just partitioned my C drive and now have an I: drive that I use for data, music and movies and such.

My question is this: if I have to do a system recovery. Will I lose that partition? Or will Windows 7 re-install on the C: drive without touching that partition?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Joe S

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It may depend on what you are restoring from. I am setup similar with partitions and have no problems restoring C with Acronis TI. I don't know about restoring from a factory recovery partition.

Special note: My experience with Recovery Partitions are with Hewlett Packards and eMachines

I have restored many times from a factory Recovery Partition and never once touched the data partition. Recovery Partition's restore the partition they were designed to write too. That partition can be smaller or larger. If that partition does not exist one will be created using all available space.

While using third party cloning tools, restoring a disk image will only write to the partition you tell it too. In fact you can backup one partition and then restore the same image to another partition. I've done this several times, while setting up dual and triple Boot Menu's.


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If you restore from a Windows backup image, it will restore the drive. If you included that partition in the image, it will restore it just like it was.

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