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I'm back with a new problem. Today I tried to create a new Logical partition on my laptop by taking 1 of the 4 Primary partitions, (It was the 13 gb Arcade partition) and making it logical. I then resized the C drive partition to leave 75gb of un allocated space which I was going to use as a logical drive for storage only. I used Easeus Free Partiton to do the job, but after it did both jobs it refused to reboot and I ended up with an error. I had to use Acronis backup to get back to Windows. Now I know you're allowed 4 Primary partitions, so I thought by making the Arcade partition logical and then resizing the C drive, I would be able to use some of the resized space as a storage drive. Is it possible to keep all 4 primary drives but resize the C drive, so I have , let's say 75 gb for storage? I need a good way to make a storage drive out of the 500gb C drive that I use so little of. I'll attach a screenshot of my Disk Management window and maybe someone can give me an idea of how to properly get this done. I don't want to delete the Arcade partition if it means I lose the Acer Arcade app. The Reserved partition I was told needs to stay and the PQ service partition is part of Acer Recovery, so that needs to stay also. I guess you can see my quandary. I hope someone can help me to get this done and let me know what app to use if not disk management. Thanks.


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You did not move the leading edge of the C: partition, did you? Trailing edges can be moved without too much trouble, but leading edges are a different matter. And the link does not seem to work. You can attach a picture on this forum using the paper clip on the Advanced replies.

Your partitions seem to be in a different order that I am used to seeing, but you could probably move the trailing edge of the first partition up and leave more room for the small one. But I cannot see the picture very well.

You might be able to shrink the trailing edge of the C: partiton, but I believe logical drives have to be next to each other.

Since you have a backup image, I think I would try to get Easeus to move the System partition and C: to the front of the drive then you can do whatever you want with the rest. But there is a good chance the system will not boot once again.


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No just like I said I turned the Arcade partitiion into a logical, then I shrunk the C drive from the back end. I did this before and the C drive was changed by the software to a logical drive and it still worked, but I got nervous about it so I changed it back.If you need to see this picture bigger just right click it and select view image. It'll give you a full screen of it. I started to delete the second partition in the pic but it still left behind the partition in Easeus. It just changed it to Logical unallocated space without a letter. I was then going to resize the big C drive from the far right and try and create a 100 gb logical. I hate that Acer does this. Making 4 Primary partitions. They left me absolutely no room to maneuver. The Arcade partition is just so you can turn Acer Arcade Deluxe on w/o the machine being on. They give you a button at the top left called instant on. Big deal! I just want a simple 100gb storage drive. By the way the Arcade partition that I think I'm going to have to get rid of to do anything is the 3.50 or the second from the left. The other 2 are essential to the system. If you can help please explain your solution in some detail so it can be done in one throw. Thanks DMA.PNG

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