PCTV Stereo tv tuner card Audio Problem

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    Nov 21, 2009
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    I am using Pinnacle PCTV stereo tv tuner card.it works fine in windows xp.in windows 7 i got installed.but i cant select the line-in option in pctv software.no line in option for audio is provided.The main problem is that bcoz of this i cant control volume on my remote.
    plz help me out.for controlling volume in XP,a patch was available with the pctv software.but this patch gets installed in windows 7 but no effect.
    what should i do to get my line in option on pctv vision software.??

    i downloaded realtek for windows 7 for my board.i culdnot configure anything for line in option.
    i have stopped using windows 7 bcoz of this...thouch i love windows 7 so much..........anyone plz help me out.........i didnot get any solution from Pinnacle as they have only support for xp.:confused:
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