Permanently Block Windows 10 Upgrade Nags

Joe S

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It seems like MS is determined to force Windows 10 on a lot of unsuspecting people again Is there any way to permanently block these attacks for people that don't want it and don't want to do a search of all of the Windows updates to try and find one of these sneak attacks every month or so?


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The updates from Windows 7 are optional i.e you can turn them off or read them and decide for yourself… to be blunt, if people want to click "ok" to something on their computer without bothering to make an effort at understanding what they just said ok to then Microsoft is perfectly justified in taking the decision out of their hands.

p.s. Backup = Recommended;
Any user can run an Image backup software, be it Acronis like me or one of the many free options, that way when their computer does something unexpected just roll back to a time before you said ok sure… go ahead and download whatever that patch was.

Joe S

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The descriptions on these Windows 10 upgrade aren't that easy for people to readily spot and MS keeps slipping them back in even when you hide them. After the battle the EU had with MS over IE in Windows 7 I'm surprised they aren't fighting this too. I make regular images and have plenty to choose from.

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