Windows 10 Permitting users to delete their own browser profile files


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This issue is strictly about browser privacy between users of community desktop computers. Elderly users are sometimes forgetful while on the web. They forget to logout of their browser activities like Facebook, gMail etc, and then forget to logout of the community account. Some have even saved passwords as well.

Please ignore browsers' internally controlled "privacy" measures. Users fiddle with them, and I am not interested in controlling their use by setting policies in the registry, etc. I am well versed with setting browser policies, but they often change, and managing them is very time consuming and in this situation is unnecessary. I also volunteer my time to manage these desktops.

The two browsers used are Chrome, and Firefox. If missing, both browsers recreate the password, browsing history and their related files on startup.

I placed an autoexec.bat file in the user account startup folder which deletes the necessary profile files when logging in. The batch file failed because users have no deletion rights in their own the profile folders.

Is it possible to correct this? Could this be done by changing a Windows policy? I have a lot more faith in an OS policy than a browser policy.

The OS is Windows 10 Pro, There is 1 admin account, and 1 public account. All three desktops are identical. After 5 minutes of inactivity, users are logged out automatically.


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I would run it as a scheduled task running as system on either logon or you could trigger from a logoff event.