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Windows 8 pin to taskbar


New Member
Oct 29, 2012
Until I activated Windows 8, I could pin to the taskbar, now I can't! any one have any ideas?
This is making me pretty crazy.

Could you post more detail on your install process?
Well you activate win 8 on installation so I fail to see how you lost the ability to pin to the taskbar 'after' activation but it might be just miscommunication. Hence my question about how you installed win 8. Did you upgrade, perform a clean install from disk or use a thumbdrive?
I agree with kemical. This sounds like another of those really strange problems that comes from the Upgrade Install. This type of install is very dependent on the original OS and installed apps. Also, if there was a problem with the license or activatin of the underlying original OS, that would explain the activation problem of Win 8. As kemical states the Win 8 installation is activated as part of the installation once a valid key is added.