PLEASE HELP!! can't open DOC file

Please please please I hope someone can help me. I have a new computer for work and it runs on WIndows 7. I also had to upgrade to WIndows Livemail from Express. This is the problem I am encountering.

When a co-worker sends me an attachemtn it is on there computer as a Word document. Once I receive it, it is no longer a word documnet but a DOC file and my computer will not allow me to open it no matter what I try.

The error message i get states:

C:\users\myname\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.IE5\BXMV72R1\thefilename.doc is not a valid Win32 application

I have no idea what to do! I am not good with computers so this is making things very difficult!!!:confused:


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You need Microsoft Word to open it

Or the freeware Open Office suite

I have microsoft Word and it is set as my default


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Are you sure it isn't a .docx file?

when I try to open it it says Type DOC file


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Save it to your desktop.

In the temporary Internet files only fragments are left not the entire file.

If I try that it say
C;\users\myname\desktop\filename.doc is not a valid Win32 application.


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If it states that it'says like, ;the error message that you would get by running a n old 16-bit application

Remember save it to you desktop

I saved it to the desktop and try opening it and that is the message I get.

Ok...Im more confused.
I canopen it using Microsoft owrks... but not Word 2007


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Ask the sender how he's attaching the file

Is he using Word to create it and what file expression is he using.

Also,why is the file i]ending up the temporary Internet files files directory

If you're using 2007,you need to change the drop-down menu to ,doc

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I think I may have ran into this before. Is it possible that the document you were sent was an old Word 97 document? I should have been more clear earlier.

MS Office service pack blocks old file formats from opening. I found a registry import that corrects this in XP but I am hesitant to upload it here because I don't know how Win7 would react to it. If this is your problem then you may want to jump on Google and search for a fix for that works with Office 07 and Win7.

Here's a link i found on the issue:

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Can yu opw it in Worpad?

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