Windows 7 Please help! Problem with installation!


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I've downloaded Windows 7, and i want to install it on my Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

But when I press Install Now, it asks me if I want to Upgrade or Custom.

When I select Upgrade, it says, "To start the uprgrade, an existing version of Windows needs to be running. Restart your computer so that Windows starts normally and then restart the upgrade." And only thing I can do, is to click Close.

When I select Custom, it can't find any drivers.

I don't really know what to do, so please help me out. I really want to try Windows 7.
Why don't you just make another partition to install windows 7?
With 20GB will be enough and it will work better than on any virtual machine.
How to

I'm not used to do things like this with computers.

How do I get/created at new partion and install Win 7 on that? Won't this screw up PC?
Which OS do you have right now? XP, vista or something else?

On vista i used built in partition managing in device manager to shrink my drive. Don't shrin more than availiable free disk space, but remember to leave a liitle bit free space on first volume. I'd suggest to use 20GB or more for win7, not less.