Please someone help me!!! ..major explorer corruption.

Greetings .... :-|

Ok here we go....

Tried to download a... diving world record video from youtube ...with "flashgot" firefox plugin.

Flashgot downloaded the video in boken incomplete parts (x2) to my desktop.

Upon discovering this, I tried to delete the incomplete parts to the recycle bin..... the recycle bin pops up a message - some thing like "Recylcing - Discoving Items" ...or similar - then the recycling process crashed... or wasn't progressing kept trying to discover items for ever ???... so I had to use task manager to stop the recycle bin program, after which my entire desktop went blank (apart from the backgound image) ..... then it recovered.

.... I went through this whole process 3 times and I still couldn't delete these part-downloaded files ... so i tried to unlock the files using "file Assassin" (a similar program to "Unlocker") ....... which normally always works ...but not this time ....... so I restarted my computer.

Now back at the desktop ..... :-[ ..... I can no longer click on any icons or right click the desktop!.... I can't save any of my files on my desktop to my external hardrive! ......... can't access any programs or win explorer from "All programs" from the start menu, but can access the programs i've pinned to the start menu !?! .... like firefox ... thank god! (although its very slow and sluggish) ... currently scanning for viruses using "Nod 32" .... hasn't found anything yet.

These same issues exist in safe mode ....and every other mode (memory fix thing did nothing)......... explorer.exe wont load from "run" ......sytem restore i turned off ages ago (bad idea) ... so that cant help me .... i dont have a recent image of win7 with a backup of my files ... so i'm ****ed there.

My Windows 7 ultimate disc repair feature was of no use. basically, i'm in a sorry crippled state ......... to put it mildly.

I need to save my data!!!!! ...which is situated on my desktop..... then i dont mind re-installing windows...... but I gotta save this data first.

If I re-install windows, is there an option available that preserves my files?

Please, for the love of god!! ...... how can I fix explorer!??? ..or whatever this problem is.

Any help would be much apprciated indeed.


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Captain Jack

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Hello and Welcome !!

Seems like the Profile itself is screwed up ! Try to create a new Windows Profile. If you can't get it to open. Then go to Task Manager then File | Run | Control userpasswords2 there it will give you the option to create a new User.

Another thing that you could do is to run System File Checker

Task Manager then File | Run | SFC /SCANNOW

If that didn't fix it then try to extract the Explorer.exe from DVD Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD - Windows 7 Forums or Perform a Repair Install Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums it won't delete your Data. If you don't have a disk System Repair Disc - Create - Windows 7 Forums

Good Luck,

Thanks for the reply .... was able to get "run" to work through task manager ..... have created new profile and appears to be all working normally :-] ... but how do I save my files from my corrupted account?

.... currently doing a SCANNOW.

Will try the rest later once i've got some sleep... zzZZZzzzz ... 1:30am here... long day.

Thanks for the help... =]

Captain Jack

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Glad it's working fine on new Profile !! What files it would be ?? If it's Internet settings, Bookmarks etc. you could just browser it from New Profile. You can find them under C:\Users\<Old Username> folder. IMO it's better stay with New User Profile rather that fixing the old one that is broken very badly.

Good Night !!!

Good Luck,

Many thanks Captain Jack!! will try this ..... am trying to save graphic files completed .... and a ton of letters written, there pretty important ...... all spread about on the desktop of my corrupted account.

Cheers.. =]

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From what you say, it seems Flashgot is at the heart of your situation. Whether you download a virus or flashgot messed up, or Norton interfered with the download, there is no way for us to know for sure.

Files may not delete because something is using them, although Safe Mode should have helped, if it is some type of utility it may still be running.

I would probably look at Task Manager to see if something is running that looks a little strange and shut it down. You may stumble on the problem item. And use MSconfig.exe to keep it from restarting on boot. If it is an errant utility, the CPU utilization might give you a clue.

If you still cannot delete the file or have not been able to delete if from the other account, you might boot to the recovery CD or Install DVD and use the Repair options to open a command prompt. You might be able to delete the file from there.

As Captain Jack says, staying with the new profile might be best, but if you do have a virus, I would be a little worried.

Three cheers for Captian Jack!!! ....... managed finally to save my work from within new profile!! .... hooray!! :-D ..... C:\Users\<Old Username>\Desktop ........ crashed again and again..... and worldn't tranfer over to external drive ..... (constant "Discoving Items" message) ........ but then in a sudden slight recovery, managed to cut and paste the whole lot over to external drive.. =]

Now the original account seems to of recovered to being almosty back to normal !?! ........ (baffling) .... but I'm happy as hell I'm saved!!!

Many thanks indeed for your swift help!! ... ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

02:50am... zzZZZZzzzzzz

Edit: Thanks Saltgrass ...... all sorted now...=]

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Captain Jack

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Your Most Welcome Mate !! Glad that your up and running :)

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