Plug in (only) headset = disables built-in Notebook microphone?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by pstein, Jun 5, 2014.

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    As you know many (new) notebook have built- in speakers and a built-in microphone.
    In addition they offer plugins für a separate headset (with microphone as well).

    Now assume the user plugs in only one cable (=the one for listening) of the headset into the notebook
    but leave the other cable (=the one for the damaged microphone) out.

    The user wants to use the combination headset earphone + notebook microphone.

    Unfortunately this seems NOT to work.

    As soon as the earphone headset cable is pluged in the notebook microphone is automatically disabled.

    Is this correct?

    Is there a trick to enable the built-in microphone anyway?

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    The computer has no way to know that your mic and earphones are both mounted on the same headband. They should be independent. A simple way to check is find some earphones or speakers that you can plug in and see if you get the same problem. The only thing I could see causing that by design is if you are using a headset with its own device driver, and that driver decides that your headset is connected based on the earphone jack.

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