Positive Win7 7201 64-bit experience!

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    I was pretty hesitant about jumping onto Windows 7 since I was still running XP. But I couldn't resist the idea of using the next Windows free for a year so I downloaded and installed 7100. I am now up to 7201 and wanted to post what apps I am using successfully. Bear in mind I am using 64-bit also and my principal computer usage is for home admin, email, web use, watching videos/movies, listening to music, controlling my BOSS GT-10 guitar multieffects controller, and a bit of 3-d gaming in COD4.

    Unless noted otherwise, all of the following apps are installed and working fine.

    7-zip 64-bit edition - WinZIP alternative

    Adobe Reader 9.1.1

    BOSS GT-10 driver - installed in VISTA compatibility mode - 64-bit driver for BOSS GT-10

    CCleaner - system cleanup tool. Cleans IE, Chrome, and log files OK. Does not have ability yet apparently on either Win7 or 64-bit to cleanup hotfix installers like it can on XP

    Creative Audio Drivers 2.18.0013
    Creative Console Launcher 2.61.09 - these both support my X-Fi Extreme Gamer just fine

    Diskeeper 2009 Professional - alternative disk defrag - nice and zippy installed in 64-bit mode

    DU Meter 4.01.R3076 - bandwidth meter - installed in 32-bit mode

    Google Chrome - installed itself in 32-bit mode

    GT-10 Librarian - 32-bit patch manager software for BOSS GT-10

    GT-10 FxFloorboard - 32-bit patch editor software for BOSS GT-10

    MagicDisc 2.7.106 - mounting/accessing DVD images - works fine. This version is listed on the PowerISO web site as having Win 7 compatibility

    McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise and Anti-Spyware Enterprise 8.7 - both installed native 64-bit mode and work fine

    MP3Tag 2.43 - MP3 file tag editor, works fine

    NVIDIA 186.08 drivers for Geforce 8800 GTS card

    Paint.NET 3.36 - image editor program - installed as 32-bit, works fine

    Powertab Editor 1.7 - reading/editing softcopy music scores - works fine

    Quicktime - works fine

    VUZE - torrent client - works fine

    ZoomPlayer 6.00 MAX - media player application with ffdshow and other codecs, works great! I have it setup to use the MS EVR renderer and playback and sound are great under 64-bit

    CoreTemp 0.99.4 64-bit - works great, shows me CPU temp

    COD4 - nothing to report yet since I haven't tried running it. It wanted to install into the Program Files (x86) directory and when I did that Punkbuster did not update. I forced it to install into the Program Files directory instead and also set VISTA compatibility. I also manually downloaded PBSETUP.EXE from evenbalance and run that from a separate directory rather than using the one that comes with the game. I've been doing this for a couple years now so that I know what version of PB is installed on my system for various games.

    So that's my list. While probably not required, I ran the installers for all of these 'as Adminstrator' in most cases. I usually ran things without selecting any compatability mode except as noted above.

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