Possible Video Error Causing Occasional BSoD

This only happens when I'm watching YouTube. Itll say video error occured and driver reset. This only occured during the previous Nvidia driver. Once updated it didnt happen.
However, I was playing Battlefield 3 and had a youtube video running in the background and the sound stuttered as before and my screen black and my machine restarted saying thee was some hyper thing problem on restart. I started in safe mode to get all my dump files. The problem on the 10/28/2011 is before I updated the new driver.
The text file is what part of the message said.

I'm hoping my graphic's card isn't going out.



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I have to ask before going any further are you overclocking? The one dmp file blames your nvidia drivers the latest though being a stop 0x124 is hardware and related to your cpu.
I need way more info than you've supplied like system specs etc. cpu-z screenies of each tab,a rammon log etc.

Read How to ask for help and get back to us. Sorry if this comes across as blunt but no one bothers reading the stickies and I'm a litttle frustrated with it all.



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While waiting for nmsuk to have a look at your latest attachments, you might want to take some time and attend to the following drivers
LVUSBS64.sys 7/26/2008 ... Looks like a Logitech Quickcam driver. See what's out there regarding a more recent driver for this device, otherwise consider uninstalling for testing
hamachi.sys 2/19/2009 ... Usually associated with LogMeIn. See what's out there regarding a more recent driver for this device, otherwise consider uninstalling for testing
L1C62x64.sys 3/31/2009 ... Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Update from here Drivers for Atheros AR8131 and Windows 7
sptd.sys 1/2/2008 ... Usually associated with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%, use the uninstaller from here DuplexSecure - Downloads and remove it (click uninstall)
You also seem to have two potentially competing programs installed and running simultaneously
Another one apparently from Comcast that I'm not familiar with and not sure if they play well together or not. My suggestion would be to uninstall both and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials, at least for the time being to help with the diagnostic process. Run a full scan.
You also have another apparent VPN software client installed called
tap0901t.sys 9/16/2009 TAP-Win32 Virtual Network Driver from a company called Tunngle.net not too sure about this one, but you should probably consider updating, upgrading or uninstalling.


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Could you firstly check to see if there's a bios update for your board. If so update it. Could you also turn off cool&quiet in the bios and look for a setting called either BEMP\BMP or XMP and enable it. If there isn't could you knock your vcore up a little and set your ddr voltage to 1.55 and run whatever has been causing your machine to bsod.


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