Possible Virus??

Has anyone else had an issue with your computer not allowing you to log into Windows? The password I am keying in is the correct password, and I'm getting this message when I try to log in: " The user Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." It has an "ok" button after that. I have never seen this before. I am assuming its a virus. It's my girlfriends computer and she said from time to time she would have random windows pop up. I was just wondering if anyone else had seent this and if there was anything that I could do. Any input would be great.

Hi Curtis I have the same problem here does anyone know how to fix this issue??


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Malware/Viruses can most definitely cause this issue, I've seen it before. File system corruption can also do the same. Microsoft has a great article here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215

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