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Help us collect the largest list of annoying RTM bugs for Windows 8 to help Microsoft create a better product before retail. These bugs in the thread should be able to be duplicated in a clean install environment.

Here's one:

Calender Metro App will occasionally not let you delete a pre-deleted re-occuring set of events from Google Calendar that still exist in the Calendar app for Windows. The program simply goes into the background and does nothing. Too bad standards for .ICS have been expanded without any teamwork on part of the international conglomerates.

Environment: Tested this with VMWare Workstation on a clean install with a Windows Live account using Windows 8 x32 and x64. Tested on existing main system. Simply doesn't work.

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1. Presence of "Windows 7 File Recovery" in Windows 8 Build 9200. This is clearly a bug as the RTM version shouldn't have such a blatant mistake. It has already been discussed here :

2. The color of the Active/inactive Title Bar text cannot be intuitively changed. This can not be considered as a removal of a feature but clearly it is a bug because any type of darker theme/wallpaper/windows renders it impossible to read the text in the title bar. Also include with this, the color of the minimize and maximize/restore buttons. It can only be mitigated by using high contrast themes but that isn't much of a solution.

Is MS aware of these bugs? Have they been worked upon and fixed before being shoved down unsuspecting users' throats purchasing Windows 8 26th October onwards?

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