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Windows 8 Bugs in Windows 8.1 Preview Build 9431


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Mar 8, 2013
I have big problems with 8.1, software for DVD and Blu-ray discs will not work because my Blu-ray optical drive "disappears" from the operating system. When checking the listed devices at boot-up hopefully the drive is shown there. But when I launch a program (that used to work with XP and Vista) it will interact with optical drive initially, then the drive powers down. When checking listed devices, it is no longer included there, also if checking in the Unit handler it is missing also there! No optical drive listed! Only way to recover the drive is to re-boot Windows 8.1, sometimes even twice because disc is still gone after one re-boot.

Also the smallest bugs bother me, is everyone assumed to have a new PC with a touch-screen? On the Start-screen with the big icons in a square format, it is impossible to launch a program as Administrator. A right-click works OK, it is responded with a symbol in the top right corner of the icon. But when I left-click on the icon, nothing happens??! Program does NOT start at all???!

Then again, as a final touch, on the Desktop with the smaller icons it is impossible to drag & drop the icons??! Unbelievable, don't they beta-test the simplest functions, or what?

Having worked with computers since the late 70:s, and worked for the 3rd largest computer manufacturer in the world 1985-91, Wang Labs, Inc., MA, USA, who went belly up a few years later, I have spent big-time beta-testing and doing Trial&Error, so I figured I could assist in reporting the above bugs via the way into MS; Microsoft Products Accepting Bugs and Suggestions | Microsoft Connect, but they only accept feedback on topics they choose themselves? Found no interest in Win 8.1 bug reporting, only for Windows 8.1 Embedded - assume this is some future product to be built-in when new smartphones are designed, or maybe even any electronic device that needs a guidance system to work.

I run Windows 8 Pro x86 on my stationary PC and Windows 8.1 Pro Preview x64 on my laptop, currently Build 9431.

Hope someone who reads this will assist in forwarding it to the Windows 8.1 team so bugs hopefully get fixed in the very near future!


you still can report these iisues yourself and have a say in how the os is built. According to the 8.1 FAQ:

[h=4]How do I provide feedback?[/h][FONT=WOL_Reg]The best way to provide feedback is to participate in the Windows 8.1 Preview forum. On this dedicated forum, you'll find thousands of other Windows enthusiasts who are testing our product, posting their experiences, and participating in the Windows 8.1 Preview online community. In particular, if you think you've encountered a problem that you'd like to have addressed in future releases of Windows 8.1, post a “Bug Report” about your issue on the Windows 8.1 Preview forum. In your post, describe what you encountered, any text or messages that were displayed, and other info that would help us reproduce your issue in our own testing environments. We're monitoring the Windows 8.1 Preview forum and might ask you to post additional info to help us improve the experience.

You can read the full FAQ here:

Windows 8.1 Preview FAQ - Microsoft Windows
Dear Kemical, many thanks for your quick and reassuring message. Checked your link for 8.1 bug reports, but the site was down just now for maintenance. I will ASAP forward my initial posting to them.

Only one more thing bugs me bigtime - I am fluent in several languages, but have NO idea what the English names for our Swedish translations are. So I must appear ill educated when I talk about Device List and such, all because Windows do not support a switch to another language on the fly, or at least I assume so.

Also it bugs me that the program that MS issues semi-monthly the 'Tool to remove malignant code' does not install an icon on the Desktop, I never know where to find it when needed! Searching for the Swedish translated name is NOT a help!
And while I am at, it: At Wang I tested MS Windows 1.0 and had a good laugh when doing a Dir C:/*.* and had to endure a listing on screen that took several minutes because 1.0 used graphics letters in stead of letters from BIOS character table! But how come they never have realized that sometimes a user will want to start the Screen Saver themselves, premature of System doing it? Why not an icon on screen that starts the Screen Saver right now! Saw that Google Chrome has an App called Black, that is good stuff that people will appreciate!

As Kemical says. But, for what it is worth, the three items you mention work perfectly for me.
But, " A right-click works OK, it is responded with a symbol in the top right corner of the icon", What is the symbol? Can you send a picture for us? A right click of an icon bring up a bar menu at the bottom of the screen, one option here is to "run as Administrator" -this works for me.

What program is this, I would like to try and see if it does anything strange for me "But when I launch a program (that used to work with XP and Vista) it will interact with optical drive initially" ?
You might also check to see if there is a firmware update for the DVD player.
OK, Mea Culpa, somewhere along the way the large bar at the bottom of the page got new functions, I burned the midnight oil with Trial&Error, and I didn't check text on the bar too closely after Midnight! I now realize this is NOT a bug, Right-click on big square-icon on START-screen will add a symbol (dunno the name, but the one you get when you click inside a box), then you left-click on the 'Run as Administrator'-choice on the large bar at the bottom of the page. Earlier, you would Right-click icon and get symbol in top right corner of icon, then left-click on icon and Pgm would launch.

Enclosed pictures (even though bug is SOLVED):
DSCN0161 START-screen with big square icons. Double click on Mozilla Firefox-icon
DSCN0162 See symbol appear in top right corner of icon (confirming double-click detected)
DSCN0164 Sorry for lousy picture, but have discovered now the 'Run as Administrator' choice in the middle of these 5 choices on the bar at the bottom of the screen

The program that will "kill" Blu-ray RW under Windows 8.1 is DvdFab Link Removed, trial download allowed. Have run their softeware for many years, and own the software nowadays.

How about, David, the icons on the Desktop, can you Drag&Drop them with the mouse? I surely can't!

Brgds KaparLasse

P.S. Sorry, the upload of pictures failed?? Send your e-mail address to me
[email protected] and I will invite you to my 'Windows 8.1 evaluation'-folder at DropBox.com D.S.
Hi Saltgrass. Tried that early on, bought a top of the line laptop with HD graphics controller and HD LED-screen, but I got a lousy DVD-RW pre-installed. So of course I bought a new Blu-ray RW and upgraded my laptop, but this optical disk is now discontinued by manufacturer, and they don't seem too eager to update firmware and/or drivers. As usual, you don't get to these guys, they have no publicly available e-mail address. But I have contacted their service partner in Scandinavia, told them about the problem and hope for the best. Else, manufacturer will get free advertisement when I post a movie on Youtube showing their optical drive "dying" under Windows 8.1 Pro Preview. I don't get mad, I get even.

Brgds Kapar-Lasse
Hi again. I can certainly, with the mouse, drag and drop icons around the modern screen.
Have you any third party add ons installed. I have googled your problem and I can read that a couple of Stardock programs, in particular "fences", can cause this.
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Many TKS for this info - yes I have Fences installed. It will not come up by itself when Running Win 8.1, but when I click on the File finder it will come up first. I will contact Fences developers, and then un-install Fences!