Post your W7 Wishlists:

Windows 7 is going to release at the end of the year, and in a matter of two months, we've been getting a lot of changes to the OS. Here are some changes that I would love to see be implemented from now until the final version:

. Windows Search on the Taskbar, similar to Mac OS X's spotlight.
. An "End All" option for the Task Manager, that kills all processes other than Explorer, DWM, and other vital ones.
. More Screensavers.
. Implemented Video Capturing.
. The return of DreamScenes.
. Change the beige folder icons to the semi-transparent Blue ones we've been seeing.
. Make the menu of options when you right-click something Semi-Transparent.
. A new Startup sound. The existing one is really bad. The Longhorn beta had a nice one.

I have to agree with just about all of these.. ;) Nice job! I especially agree with the transparency one's! I think ALL menus and sub-menus should be completely transparent... :)

I have some more:

. Make the Start Menu a bit thinner.
. Make the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen a popup menu the size of the taskbar.
. Dim the screen slightly during important errors/messages.
. To save space, get rid of all exsiting Windows 98/XP/Vista icons.
. To save space, get rid of the Slide Show gadget, and merge the function in the WMC Gadget.
. Download Gadgets within the Gadgets menu, instead of through the Internet Browser.
. Add options pertaining to Gaming, such as stopping certain/all processes while playing games, or stopping the game process when in danger of a CPU overload, etc.

Yet again, good stuff! ;) Unfortunately I doubt MS will do most of them... Still very good ideas though..

Will it's late for wish list but here are small tweaks:

  • Mouse pointer should jump to the same relative point in the big window when a windows preview pane is clicked, (i.e. if you click the address bar in Firefox preview pane, the mouse should jump to the address bar in the real window)
  • Flip the window preview pane to see the jump list (sliding to left or right by a Mouse Gesture)
  • Down mouse Gesture in preview pane to Minimize the window.
  • Throw/Up mouse Gesture in preview pane to close the window (like the Palm Pre).

Copy to and Move to as defaults in right click menu


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Please bring back the classic start menu, so I can make the transition easier for my dad (He still uses 98SE)
Other than that:
TweakUI (need it)
Incorporate a DOS VM (this is what has stopped a lot of people I know from upgrading to XP!)
Get rid of the hardware points thing that makes you reactivate if you havn't already! (Some of us like to play with hardware)

Otherwise good job so far!

Yellow folders

:) Please new pretty folders blue pink orange give us some options yellow is from the old ages.

Spell Check in word pad...Please!!

hmmm yes folder should change colour with theme not stay that yellow you know here in new zealand we have a name for it it's called Karatane yellow and refers to the colour of what you find in a babies nappy :eek: you all know what i mean the big stinky ones :D

More Support for FASTER GAMING
More Transparent Taskbar
Faster Results on The Search Bar of Start Menu
Better WallPapers
Make DreamScene A ScreenSaver
A Little Bit Smaller Taskbar... If i don't use Smaller Icons it looks SUPER BIG... XD
Faster WMC...

i would be so happy IF that will be included... =)


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:) Please new pretty folders blue pink orange give us some options yellow is from the old ages.

Spell Check in word pad...Please!!
You mean like this?

Hi all
PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE give us a virtual desktop facility like the old Powertoys in Windows XP.

Desktops.exe in the SYSINTERNALS suite is BROKEN in build 7100 X-64.

Note that it LOOKS as if it works OK but after 2 or 3 desktop switches your desktop icons disappear and the computer hangs. Only a reboot is possible at this stage.


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