Power options problem - after reboot/power-off always uses default


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I have longer time problem with power options.
I created maximum performance profile active and modified in Control Panel and Settings and saved it, even created restore point.
Computer has not to sleep or selective USB power-off or sleep, hibernate or power-off monitor etc.
Always when I reboot or power-off and then power-on computer it uses always default settings in minutes to turn off display and power-off disks and after hours go to sleep.
I know that after power-on I must to set it always again.

How to fix it?
Thank you for all in advance.


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Power schemes shouldn't be getting switched on their own. I would confirm your schemas with powercfg /list and verify the correct plan is selected. and verify the settings with powercfg /query <planGUID>


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Simple - they're not changing by itself - only one problem that after reboot is always selected default profile.
Ok, powercfg I tested in command line as admin, it is unknown command.