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:confused:How can i tell if it is the power supply or the motherboard is not working.
For a few weeks it keep telling me there is not enough power getting to the vidoe card, and now the comp will not boot up. The power is on but when u go to open the cd drive up it takes a few seconds to open up, and then it closes it self up after a couple of seconds.

Hey chaz,
I've gone down that road and it is a long one if you don't do your homework.
What are the specks of your rig? What Video Card (s) are you running and what size is your PSU?


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If you go here:
You can check your system and see if your PSU is powerful enough. The other way is to unplug some non critical units (like CD ROMs, case fans ect) and see if your rig runs better..

I used something similar to that when I figured mine...(cough) the 2nd time


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Guessing gets expensive :eek:

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