Power Surge on the USB Port


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I recently purchased and starting using the alienware 17.3. Using two of the usbs, i put in my logitec mouse, and hyper x headphones. I got an error that said power surge to the usb port. I looked it up and uninstalled the software. It didnt work. The one usb on the right works, but the two on the left dont. my computer spamms me with the notification i click it and press reset and it doesnt do anything. How do i fix please


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your alienware-17.3 operates on win-10? i have no idea which website asked you to uninstall a usb-driver … can you share that website with us?

according to:
Windows 10 build 10547 features new USB options

go to " settings / devices / usb " … and deselect the notification. might reboot afterward? oh! and that interface is windows interface … not dell or other interface.

if this does not resolve your issue … others might be offering their input to your issue also.


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These headphone and mouse are using power from the USB port.
It looks if one of those ports can supply it, two other can't.
It may also be a broken headphone or broken mouse
Can you use your mouse separately on all ports?
And how about your headphone?

Which computer are you using?
The specs of your computer may tell us also more...



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I agree with Henk; check your mouse and headphones on another working laptop. If they are Ok; you might have sustained a hardware failure on the Motherboard. You might consider running hardware diagnostics on that laptop if you haven't done so. If the mouse and headphones work on another laptop, this would be the smart thing to try.

You can test your hardware using these links:

Memory Diagnostics

Also, did your Alienware laptop come pre-loaded with Win10 from Dell, or did you upgrade it to Win10 from an earlier version of Windows (Win7/8/8.1)? It's helpful to provide us with more information on your computing environment than just a short paragraph with a couple of sentences.

Another good test that's free and pretty easy is to download and run UbuntuLTS Linux and run a LiveCD version, which you can create for about $0.20 (Twenty cents U.S.). This will not install any software on your hard drive but will let bypass your W10 and allow you to test your mouse and headphones on your laptop without using Windows at all. If your mouse and headphones work on Ubuntu Linux; almost certainly you have a corrupted or infected W10 installation on that computer. There are many software solutions that we can then help you with to remedy that. However, if your mouse and headphones which you've hopefully tested on another laptop by the time you get to this point, fail on Ubuntu, chances are your ports (1 or more) have failed on that laptop Motherboard, and you'll need to get it serviced and replaced. This can be an expensive repair, as Alienware Motherboards are quite expensive; could be in the $500-$1,500 US range! Here's the link to download Ubuntu:
Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

Lastly, if you test your hardware using my above links and find no failures on either your RAM sticks or your Hard Drive, and you test your mouse and headphones on another computer and know they are good, but fail to work in Ubuntu Linux, it's a good bet your Mobo has failed as I indicated above. All of this will probably take you a week or more to do if you are an experienced computer user, more if you are not and need to get help.

Let us know how it goes!;)


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This can happen from devices that are drawing to much power on the usb port. My guess is it was the headphones. Mice and keyboards don't generally draw much power. You may want to research the headphones and see if there are any known issues with this happening. I would also look in device manager and see if your USB root hubs are being detected, if you have USB ports on both sides of the laptop then they will probably have separate root hubs but not always. Post a screenshot of your USB devices expanded in device manager.


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Thanks for the assist, Neemo! :up: Very good point.:D Testing of the Mouse and Headphones on another working computer, or Ubuntu on Ops existing computer is certainly the easiest way to test it. If he does find that his Headphone are endemically "sucky"; it's unlikely that they are NOT going to be new enough to return to their place of purchase for a refund; sounds like he's had them for a while.:waah:

BBJ :usa: