Power Surge on the USB Port

My brand new Alienware laptop just started spamming me this notification. Power surge on the usb port. It tells me to unplug all my usbs n i do, it just keeps sending the notification over and over again. The two usb ports on the left no longer work, but the one on the right works fine. the only thing thats worked has been turning off usb notifications but even than the two left ports still dont work. Please any suggestions are apreciated

Update: After 20 min the notifications stop sending n the two ports on the left work fine, but they stop working randomly and the notifications come back


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This probably sounds amateurish, but if its brand new, and if you're getting these alerts, you need to contact Alienware. This should NOT be happening.

I exagerated when i said brand new. Its actually like 2 months old


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I would say it is a voltage regulation issue on the USB controller. Something like this may require internal repair. I don't know if anyone else has something to add to this thread, but in my honest opinion, if you paid a lot for this laptop (And I know Alienware laptops can be quite pricey and top of the line), then it is worth contacting their support team.

If you have any USB 2 ports, try to avoid plugging USB 3 devices into those ports, and only plug USB 3 devices into USB 3 ports. If you have USB2 ports, try to only plugin devices that require USB2. Typically this can be a mouse or a keyboard.

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Why devices do you have on the left? Device type, make model would be helpful. Also are these USB 2 or 3 ports?


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Mike is spot on about this laptop not operating correctly and needing repair or replacement via Tech Support call directly to Dell/Alienware.
It would be helpful to know the EXACT Make/Model of this laptop. Was it new in a factory-sealed box, or did it come in a paper bag or something. Where exactly did you purchase it from? Did you buy it online via Dell's online ordering system or from a retail store (brick-and-mortar); if so WHICH STORE?? Or did you buy it from an individual such as on ebay or Craig's List. It's possible that if you didn't buy it from Dell directly or a reputable seller, you got a defective laptop and got scammed!!:waah:
We've been seeing more and more of this of late, and there are folks out there selling used or even damaged laptops WITHOUT AN OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows, Linux, etc.) on them, and sell them super cheap. They tell prospective buyers that they can buy their own OS (again, Windows, Linux, etc.) and install it themselves. Of course, this rarely works as few home users have the knowledge or skill to properly install an OS on a blank hard drive. I've even run across a few users here who get a 6 year old laptop with DOS 6.22 installed on it, and advertise it as coming with an OS. People who pay less than $130 for one of these have no idea what's it's going to cost to get a proper OS installed and working on it, and often take it to a local repair shop and pay the Tech to do it. That can be hundreds of dollars, and before you know it they have spent $300 or more on a used laptop several years out of date, that they could have bought refurbished at a retail computer store or a reputable seller online with Windows or Linux already installed for maybe $200 or thereabouts. It comes down to you get what you pay for.

Please post back this information when you can.

We can then advise you further. There are steps you can take to get this problem resolved (of course, other than returning to Dell, which is the manufacturer).


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Wow not to pile on but 2 months is nothing and Dell has at least a 1 year warranty so I would be dumping it back in their lap, this kind of thing should not be going on with a new laptop. Now that said it would not hurt to go to the website and download and install the newest chipset driver and Usb 3.0 driver as well as video and audio because we know Dell will never do that before shipping and who knows how long this was sitting before you came along.

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