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I have been unable to setup my networked printer from my windows 7x64 pc to my vista32 laptop. The printer works on Windows 7, the pc it is attached to.

I sarted with sharing in windows 7. I can see it from vista, but when I try and install it as network printer is where the trouble starts.

On the windows 7 pc I go to printer and devices right click => printer properties => sharing tab => additional drivers => check in the x86 , press OK, it tells me t "Please provide the drivers. This is the point where I have tried every Canon drive has for this model(x86 and x64).

I have tried various way on the vista laptop, it too will not accept any drivers, i think I have tried them all.

Help me shed some light on this. My printer Canon ip4300 motherboard ASUS M3A78-t

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Has anyone been able to setup a networked printer from a Windows 7(64) that is shared by a Vistax86 system? If so could you share, how you achieved it?

I found the real answer to the windows 7 additional printer driver problem for network sharing. It is in the name windows 7 names the printer. The INF file has it listed as a different name, there for it does not see it as a driver for your printer. You can change this in the INF file to match the windows 7 name.

My printer is attached to the Windows 7(64) PC and I can now access it from my Laptop Vista x86.

Example: Windows 7 calls my printer "Canon Inkjet iP4300"
In the INF file the printer is called "Canon iP4300"
The difference is the word "Inkjet"

Open the INF file with notepad and edit it and save then go ahead and add additional drivers.

My original INF
"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP4300F404, USBPRINT\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300
"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, USBPRINT\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

My Modified INF file
"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP4300F404, USBPRINT\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300
"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, USBPRINT\CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

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How do you get to the INF file? Where is it located? Doing a search didn't locate it.


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All I did was call up the Add a Printer Wizard On Vista and it found the driver in Windows and installed it. I have a HP PSC1350v printer and Vista had the driver for it already.

XP x86 was another story though. When I used the wizard it told me the driver on my Windows 7 x64 was incompatible. When it asked where to find the driver I was able to install it from the HP installation disk. It works just fine now.

How to find the INF file. Most people can not see there system files because they are hidden. To show these files, you need to go to Control Panel -> Folder options,
In Windows 7 - finding "Folder options go to the upper right area of the control panel, there you will see the words "Viewed By" followed "Category" - Change "Category" to "Large Icons" with the pull down menu. Now you will see "Folder Options".

Once you have clicked on "Folder Options" go to tab called "View" Change the option from "Don't Show Hidden files" to "Show hidden files", Now press "Apply" then "OK"

Now you can see INF files.

To find your INF file, you need to look in you divers folder for your Printer. You can use Vista or XP printer drivers for x86 Additional Drivers in Windows 7.

You may have to unzip your driver file to find it. Some drivers come as ZIP files some come as EXE file. Both can be UnZipped. In these files you will find a file with your printer name followed by the extension INF. This is the file to "Edit" as indicated in my post above.

I hope this helps

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