Windows 10 Printing different sized photos on one page

Is it possible to print several different sized photos on one page?


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I think you can probably use any photo processing software to do that.

I use Photoshop, (you can get Photoshop Elements for about $60).,k:Photoshop+elements+14++

All you have to do is create a new blank document at 8.5 by 11.

Then open the images that you want to place on the sheet one at a time.

Use Select all to select the entire image, hit Copy, switch back to your blank document and hit paste and It will appear on a layer.

You can use Free Transform to drag the image to any size you want, and place it where ever you want on the page.

You can do this with as many images as you want and arrange them any way you like.

It only takes a few minutes, the images will stay on layers, and you can adjust them for color and brightness individually so that the are all compatible.

Once done you can flatten the image, (or not) and print it.


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