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Windows 7 Problem Burning CD's in Windows 7


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Feb 23, 2009

My windows 7 has been installed for a few weeks now with no problems except the problem with which my CD burner won't burn. This has never happened prior to installing Windows 7. I usually use Zune to burn a CD and when I did place a blank CD in and clicked "start burn" it would start and then there would be an exclamation mark next to the songs and would say burning was canceled. It just doesn't make any sense. Then, I decided to burn with my external DVD/CD burner and I burned with POWERISO and it seemed to work. Then, I tried to burn a CD tonight wiht my external drive in Zune and got the same burning has been canceled. Until, I was heading off to class and it didn't play in my car. I have no idea what's up with this. Then I came home and popped in my external drive and it opened the files and played but put it in my laptop drive and was making a weird noise and I tried opening it up with Zune and the program just froze and x'ed out.

Does anyone know what's going on with this situation. I'm running Windows 7 build 7022. It's definatly something with windows 7 and not my drives because these drives worked fine prior to this installation. The only thing I got my CD drive to boot was my Resource CD.

Thank You.
Unfortunately I can't help you with Zune software or PowerISO as I've never actually used them.. but I can suggest using either the built in burning app in Windows 7.. I've used it and never had any problems.. :) Granted it doesn't have near as many options as some burning apps but it gets the job done.. There's also using WMP for burning audio cd's.. I've used that in WMP 11.. I haven't tried it yet in WMP12 but I know it worked decent enough in WMP 11..

If you can though I'd suggest using Nero.. I currently use NERO 8 for ALL my burning needs.. tons of options.. always burns problem free and it burns very fast (depending on your pc's specs of course)... :)
I used Windows Media Player 12 to rip and burn four cd's the other night. They all came out perfect.
They sound great in my truck !!


Hmmm, I wonder if it's a DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) issue.......????
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I don't know if my problem is the same or not but I am able to burn DVDs just fine but I can not burn onto CDs at all.

I have gotten a couple different errors. It did this:

6:50:08 PM #35 CDR -1106 File Writer.cpp, Line 306
Power calibration error

Though lately it has just been doing:

8:37:54 PM #22 CDR -1114 File Writer.cpp, Line 306
Reset occurred

8:37:54 PM #23 Phase 38 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1767
Burn process failed at 48x (7,200 KB/s)

I have tried using Nero 8 and WMP 12. The blank CDs I have worked fine in another computer. This has got to be one of the most irritating issues I've had so far with Windows 7.
Do you have another cd burner you can hook up and try ??

I'm saying this because I recently had a problem with a dvd/cd burner, with no prior warning, just all of a sudden it jammed up my operating systems, which worked fine when the burner wasn't connected. So I replaced the CD/DVD burner with a new cheap one I got for $25 and the problem is solved. I haven't had any problem with the new burner at all. I'm not definitely sure this is your problem, but it might be.

WMP12 has been working great for me, I burned another cd today as a matter of fact.

It turns out the drive was bad... I took it back and got a new one, same model and everything at it works fine now.

I've never had a bad drive like that where everything worked fine except one thing. In this case it was not being able to burn on a CD. DVD burning worked... lightscribe, etc. Quite frustrating but glad I have a working one now!
I'm glad you found the problem, now enjoy WMP 12 for all it's worth !!