Problem installing Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013

Yes I did that, but still had the same problem.

That link looks suspicious to me. I've never heard of a site recommending a particular bit version either. You download the bit version your OS uses, well that's what I've all ways heard and done.

Retyping the link from from the picture, I come up empty...see I'm pretty convinced this is not a legitimate MS site. - Google Search


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Same here, Bass. Didn't come up empty though - just quite different from the picture. You have copied the address wrong. At the end it should be x86. Signed in and backtracked. Still no sign of that message through my sources.
Anyway, I have asked for the page to be checked.

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The page is legitimate because when I talked to Microsoft Support about that issue that is the exact page they went to to download the software. I just went to the link bassfisher provided with out the Google search part and I'm asked to login to my Microsoft account and I also noticed in the address bar the website url starts with HTTPS and after I login it takes me back to the page I linked above.

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Dave, after retyping the correct url this time, btw - thanks for pointing that out to me. I come up with what looks like a legitimate MS web page. I'll post the screen shots of the pages I got. I think I know what might be going on here that may shed some light on the subject. Here are the shots.

webpage office.PNG webpag office 2.PNG

After following the continue button from first screen shot I get the second screen shot which goes to the office 365 home premium preview page. This is the preview version of the subscription base office 365. Which all comes back to the that version not being uninstalled completely before the Office 2013 home/student version is being installed. Which is what I think is creating all the problems for techgeekcasey.

This all goes back to Satlgrass's answer about a previous version office being installed and not completely uninstalled before attempting to install your current version of office. Check your programs in the add/remove list from with in the control panel and see if there are any versions of office listed in there. If so, uninstall them, reboot check again for them and if clean, attempt to install your version of office.

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That's is the same as me. Anyway. I have found the info I wanted, so I am leaving the thread.

bassfisher6522: There are no other version of Office Installed:
Programs and Features Screenshot.jpg

If it's not listed in there, then the odds are there are some registry strings left over from a previous install/uninstall attempts. I would manually check the registry for anything related to office 365.

bassfisher6522: I never had Office 365 installed.
Joe S:
I'll try CCleaner.

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