Windows 10 Problem uninstalling an app. in Win 10


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I have an app that does show in Apps and Features and I would like to uninstall it. It also does not show up in Ccleaner nor can it be uninstalled directly from file.

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Maybe it is a system app that can't be uninstalled?
Do you know the app? It is you the one who installed it? Is the computer a business computer managed by an IT team? You should give us more details if you expect any help.

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It´s funny. I did a post with lots of details and no one responded. So I redid the post. I am happy that you responded.

The app is from Steam . Because the original Steam1 app was not working I loaded it again (Steam 2) which did work. I then deleted Steam as shown on CCleaner and it deleted Steam 2, the one that worked. The problem I have now is Steam 1 cannot be deleted. It does not show up in Apps and Features, or CCleaner. When I go to the actual file a select uninstall, the dialogue box will open but no file is shown. I try anyway but the App is not removed.
I understand. First of all I don't recommend the use of CCleaner, it is not the first time I hear it makes problems instead of solving them.
In your case, after all the you did, the only solution I can think off, is to do a System Restore to a date prior to the Steam2 installation, if this is enabled and if you remember when you did it.
This is how you do it: Here's how to restore Windows 10 to an earlier point in time

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I didn´t have a restore point, but I do now thanks to you. I did a trial download of Revo Pro and that allowed me to uninstall the app. Thanks for your help.
I see a successful conclusion to this thread. But I would recommend the use of one of the numerous image backups. They are more reliable than the MS restore facility. Macrium (free) is my choice, with a weekly backup.