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Everytime I startup I get a message saying that something is wrong with recent.vbe, what exactly is wrong and/or the errorcode varies but recent.vbe is always involved.

Attached are a few screenshots of such messages. I have no clue about how to get rid of these messages or what the mean. I fully updated my windows and ran a few free virusscans, none of those things changed anything regarding the message.

Hope someone knows how to deal with this and if this is the wrong subforum please let me know.


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Every thing I've seen so far is for virus/malware infection or corrupted/missing system files. Check your system for a virus and malware then run sfc /scannow in a cmd prompt. This will find any missing/corrupted system files and try and fix/replace them.
I did a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and with Avast! both delivered different results Malware found 2 threats(both trojan.agents) and avast! found one which was a different one and a malware-gen. Avast! put it in chest(their version of quarantine) and malware deleted what it found. Took me awhile to find out how I could open a cmd with administrator rights(in hindsight easier than I thought) and ran the sfc /scannow, which came out clean. I even did a boot-virusscan with Avast! but none of the things mentioned above fixed the message... So any other ideas?

it sounds like some files have become corrupted. Try refreshing your pc. Click on the settings charm and then change pc settings. Look down the left hand side for General and then click that. It's here you can either Refresh your pc or turn it back to factory settings.
To kemical; sounds like something that will take a while I will do it overnight
To Mike; The first link you provided talks about removing a file needed for windows itself(or at least a file of which the pc thinks that it is necessary), I am quite hesitant to do this, are you sure that this wont make things worse? And is there a way to check if the file is really needed even though it is in the folder marked as necessary?
The second link basically just says update and run antivirusprogram unless you have XP then your supposed to do everything else they say as well, so that is kinda what I already did
If Mike's links don't do the trick, look in your startup tab (in MsConfig/Task manager). I am sure you will find something there that is running the script. Look for a line that has a dll, fyxegtbu.dll is popular. Right click and disable it. Reboot an see if you are clear.
I did the refreshing thing kemical recommended and so far so good. I had to reinstall a load of programs but there is a list of programs that got removed so it wasn`t that hard just time consuming :) BTW it really is a strict program it removed my word as well as my antivrus programs...
Thanks for the help.
Thank you for updating your thread Tomh. Please post again if you need any further help.. :)

If you have a file called "Rahul'sVirusprotection.vbe" it's a virus and it's safe to remove it.

It will probably resist being removed that's why there are so many posts about how to remove it.

File Extension .VBE Details

Q&A: How to remove virus Rahul'svirusprotection.vbe? | TechRepublic


I searched my computer and I found only 1 reference to a .vbe file.

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