Problem with Bing Weather?


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On both of my Windows 8.1 systems, the MSN Weather app has decided it does not want to open correctly. The live tile works and the App appears to open, but the circling dots never stop. Possibly it is trying to get info from some source and is unable to do so.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it opens normally once. The next time it reverts to the prior situation and get the circling dots. I am getting AppModel-Runtime errors and warning messages in Event Viewer for both Weather and Reader.

I am thinking about doing a clean install on this system and was wondering if anyone else is seeing this situation. If not, possibly the problem is being caused by something I have installed on both of my Windows 8.1 systems.



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I use the AccuWeather app sorry... would assume Microsoft is mucking about with their server and look for an update in the Microsoft store but you prob already did that... good luck with it mate.


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Thanks for the response. It seems that one of the recent updates broke it and possibly Reader. There are quite a few folks over on the Microsoft forums saying the same thing...

I suppose I will have to wait for another update to fix the update...


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I personally don't use Microsoft's weather tool, and I recommend not to. The best option is to go to AccuWeather's website and in the location bar, type in your postal (ZIP) code. Then it will give you super accurate weather. I barely trust Microsoft with anything, which is why I love Windows 8.1 so much - it doesn't steal as much of your information as Windows 10 - I hate that operating system. Anyway, I recommend not updating your Windows because Microsoft just puts more and more junk into their operating systems. I bet Windows 11 is going to be a real mess.

Conclusion: Use AccuWeather, just type in your ZIP code and you're all set.

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