problem with dell laptop keypad

hi, i have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop and i have a big problem when i type...example if i press q i get q' if i press w i get a screen with boxes reading Computer only Duplicate Extend Project only if i press k i get k1=8i and so on and so on..i have done system restore,clean install of windows,3 diferent av scans ,i downloaded the touchpad driver from dell and disabled the zoom setting (i have read on the net that other people have had the same problem wjth their dell l.tops and this cured their problem)it did sort my problem for a week but i now have the same problem again,i have updated the keypad driver,and the bios driver but that has not helped,any ideas would be welcomed

any ideas ?????????????????


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Have you checked in Control Panel and made sure you show the correct type of keyboard for a laptop?

Have you spilled anything on the keyboard?

I would assume an external monitor would show the same thing, but you might check. If you use the onscreen keyboard, does it behave the same?

I would probably try to remove the keyboard and reseat the plug. But if the onscreen keyboard behaves the same, it is probably not the keyboard itself, but something interpreting the keystrokes.

It does sound like a driver, or a virus, but it might also be related to a language situation.


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Why not try a USB keyboard, this would narrow the causes and take it from there.

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