Windows 7 Problem with External HDD & files after upgrading to Win7


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Feb 2, 2009
Hi all,

I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 yesterday and It all went smoothly.

But, now I have a strange problem. I'll try my best to explain it.

1st. Before upgrading I moved & copied many files from the computer to my USB External HDD. Alot of these files were on the Vista Desktop.

2nd. Once I had upgraded to Windows 7 and it started up without the external HDD plugged in, I get an error message displayed alerting me that the files cannot be found/located. The desktop shows none of the files that I Copied (not moved, just copied).

3rd. Once I plug in the external HDD all the files show up on the desktop all of a sudden and I stop receiving the error messages. But it is not practical to have the external HDD always plugged in as I'm using a laptop, and I dont see why i would get this error anyway.

4th. Windows Messenger live will not sign in and displays error 8000ffff when the external HDD is installed. BUT, as soon as I plug in the external HDD Messenger signs in fine without the 8000ffff error.


I dont want to have to do a clean install if I can help it, but how else can I sort this problem?

All help is appreciated.
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