Problem with KB5004945


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After installing this update my pc would restart over and over.
Sometimes I had about a minute of use before it would just restart.
I uninstalled the update and used wushowhide.diagcab to prevent it (hopefully) from installing this update, so far so good
I have never had any problems like this until this update
ASUS Z170-A motherboard
6600k processor
EVGA GTX 1050 ti
Samsung 960 EVO 1tb


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Haven't see said issue with this update, but I'd make sure your system is in a stable state.

Run the following from an elevated command prompt or powershell and make sure it does not detect any problems

I would also run a check on the disk
chkdsk /scan

If any issues are reported then run chkdsk /F and reboot

As to diagnosing the issue start by reviewing the System log after launching eventvwr and filter on the User32 event source these events should tell you what restarted the computer. It is possible that it's actually crashing vs a controlled reboot, so you'd need to examine C:\Windows\minidump to see if there are any dump files that with timestamps that correspond with when the reboots occurred