problem with Pc bootup

when i boot up my pc i get a message on my moniter no signal detected is this a processor problem or is my motherboard failing i have replaced the battery on m/board.


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Do you hear any sequence of beeps during the boot?

Are your connections good?

Is the monitor set to look for the correct signal source type?

Have you ever run dual monitors or multiple video outputs?

I will assume you cannot see to get into the bios to check the settings?

1. Try the monitor on another machine... to be sure the monitor is ok
2. Check connections & cables... try another signal cable
3. If using an external vid card make sure it is seated properly & make sure it has no failed... try w/ a new card.
4. If video is on-board, try w/ an external card.


we tried another monitor and that didnt work either however i tried booting up at 1.00 am today 22nd and pc booted up ans monitor showed flickering lines and when i got into bios i couldnt read the screen so i think i will try graphics a new graphics card first but does this mean my m/b and processor are ok i hope ?

They may well be ok; most likely is graphics card is the culprit. Did you try your monitor on another computer?


no not yet but my brother in law tried his monitor on my pc and kept getting same message no connection

Replace the vid card.


Thanks Drew we replaced video card ok now but when i shut down and try to reboot it still takes a couple attempts to boot up and i get message boot fail then BSOD bad pool header and one bsod said memory management problem which may point to one of my ballistix ram chips being faulty if im correct?

You're welcome.

I'm sure you meant RAM sticks... anyway, just a wee mention...Best Practice, have RAM in pairs (nothing like 3 sticks making 5Gig), all same type, specs, spd & brand. You'll see what you have after addressing the RAM.

@ least you have display, now :thumbs_up:


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