problem with sound,got lagging 0.5s at random time

i dont know where to post this sound issue, so i post here
this happened 1 week ago, and ive been using my laptop for a year...
its got delay/lag for 0.5s from any sound (music player, video, sound from game too..)
my laptop is asus N46VZ , and i currently reinstalling windows 1 week ago..
this never happenend before, is it driver or hardware that makes it like this ???
i doubt its from spdif output headset, because i listening from headset, and ive tested if i dint use headset the problem didnt occur (probably, because i test it not long enough..)
need solution

sorry for my bad english

After reinstalling have you installed all the latest drivers for your laptop? What video/music source are you using? I never heard/seen a spdif head set before....and it's unclear to me, that with the headset plugged in you have or don't have the issue?

sorry for my english, its become unclear to you...
yes, i installed the latest drivers for my laptop, im using vlc video player and foobar2000 for music player..
i mean when the headset plugged in the problem occurs

The sound works correctly through the laptop speakers....but not with the headset you have? Is the headset a 3.5mm plug or usb? If a 3.5mm, are you plugging it into the right sound port. Like I said, I've never heard of a spdif headset, nor have I heard of a laptop with a spdif port. Can you post the make/model of your headset?

its 3.5mm plug, yes i plugging it to the right port, i mean S/PDIF port on laptop, i plugged my headset into S/PDIF port on laptop...
im using sony headset MH410c for sony xperia

Like I said, I've not seen a laptop with a S/PDIF port, if your's does I would like to see a screen shot of it. The only sound ports for a headset/external speakers I've ever seen on any laptop are the green/pink 3.5mm jacks or the use of the USB ports for USB connected headsets and external speakers. I betting anything your plugging it into the wrong port.


the last display, no.4 , the S/PDIF port is in the first then microphone, usb 3.0 , dvd player , subwoofer, lastly kensington lock..

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